Spring Hair Trend Alert: Ecaille Tortoiseshell Hair Color

Spring is in the hair!

You know what that means – the days are brighter and the hair is lighter. Whether you’re blonde or brunette, this spring hair color trend is suitable for almost all hair types and colors. Introducing, Ecaille, the tortoiseshell-inspired hair color your clients will be requesting at the salon all summer long!

Here are the top 5 things you should know about this spring hair color trend (including a color formula to try!):

Ecaille hair color refers to a color palette, not a technique

Let’s be clear, ecaille tortoiseshell hair color is not a technique; however, we suggest using a combination of handpainting and micro highlighting to achieve the dimension this hair color trend requires.

Much like an actual tortoiseshell, this spring hair color trend is characterized by it’s soft, dark to light color graduation. When brainstorming a hair color formula, look to your neutral to golden tones like, caramel, mocha, toffee and honey hues for inspiration and application.

We also think a key to this color trend is choosing a monochromatic color palette. For example, if you’re starting with a rich chocolate brown, try staying in that color family. When choosing your lighter color pieces, make subtle transitions with walnut and butterscotch hues.

Perfect Low Maintenance Hair Color Trend

It seems this spring hair color trend really starts at the roots. By beginning with your darkest color through roots to mids, this could be the perfect low maintenance hair color heading into summer, where many clients tend to let the sun and saltwater color their hair. Don’t worry, stylists – they’ll still need your epic toner formula.

So, pairing these colors with your favorite hair painting or balayage technique will more than likely give your salon client the dimension they’re looking for without the worry of heading to the salon every 4 weeks.

Perfect Hair Color Idea for Brunettes or Blondes

While most tortoiseshell hair color tends to begin with a brown hair color, this spring color trend is easily adaptable for blondes. Just look to your lighter tortoiseshell palette. Maybe, your darkest color is a level 7 or 8, gradually lightening to those level 10 or 11 strands.

Ecaille Tortoiseshell Hair Color Formula

We promised a Tortoiseshell Hair Color Formula, so here it is! This color was done by Marissa DiNicola with Organic Color Systems:

Natural Level: 4

Lifted with equal parts 6N + 6AH with 20 vol.

Balayage with Naturlite White Powder and 40 vol cream developer, with placement emphasized around the face.

After rinsing, she glossed with equal parts 7N + 7AH with a dab of Naturlite Oil and 5vol, alternating with 8N + 8AH + a dab of oil. The lighter formula was used to tone the ends and around the face.