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2016 is officially here!

And with it, some time for planning and implementing your personal and professional goals.

As a Hair Stylist myself, I’ve found these 6 easy ways to have a creative, fulfilling and successful new year.

I hope you find them helpful and encouraging during your 2016 journey!

– Erin, Simply Organic Beauty Education Team


#1 Amp up your credentials to amp up your book.

Invest in your education.

Education doesn’t end the day you graduate beauty school. As Hair Stylists, we work in an ever-evolving industry, and you are a lifelong student of the craft. New technology, new techniques, and new trends are always on the horizon. And as we know, our well-connected world makes trends travel at the speed of light.  Making staying “in the know” more important than ever.

Nothing kills a Hair Stylist’s career faster than being stuck in the past.

Clients are always looking for the latest and the greatest looks and products, so be sure that you can offer them that. Find a class in your area so you can brush up on your skills, learn a new technique, or get some product knowledge. If you are investing money into a product, do yourself a favor and invest in yourself, too! Know what you are selling, why, and how to use it properly.

#2 Stay Calm And Color On


Adult coloring books are proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

When we think of inspiring ourselves as stylists we often think of the obvious choices.

Of course, you could go to a hair show or maybe check out the latest magazines, but there are many other ways you can find inspiration, some even outside of the hair world. For example, coloring books. Adult coloring books made a huge splash in the news last year. It turns out they can benefit us in a lot of ways.

Not only will they help fine tune those motor skills, but for the imaginative mind of the hair stylist they can be both inspiring and calming. After a good coloring session, our brains are more geared towards creative thinking and much less stressed out. Science calls it “art therapy,” and studies have shown truly remarkable results from it. Plus, it’s nice to work on art without any anxiety of whether your client will like the results.

So if you have a bit of downtime in between clients give it a try!

#3 Stay Connected To Your Peers

Hair Stylist Support Group

Most of us Hair Stylists Are “People-People” – never lose connection with your valued peers.


Not only can our well-connected world be the driver of trends, it’s also the driver of relationships. With so many stylists opting for a solo salon suite, many of us begin to lack the connectedness we feel when working in a “salon family” environment.

If you haven’t already, try joining an online forum for hair stylists. Become inspired by your peers! Sometimes the best place to find fresh ideas is from other hair stylists, like yourself. It’s a nice way to make new friendships and connections,  and really feel engaged in what’s going on in the hair world and your specific products of choice. Plus, it never hurts to have a group of like-minded stylists to bounce ideas off or just a place to feel supported. So start sharing and spread the hair love.

#4 Take A Look At Your Numbers


It’s easy to get into a routine and become very comfortable, but with the new year comes a great time for evaluation and reflection.

Take a look at your numbers. Checking out your number of new clients, number of appointments, retail sales and service prices is a great place to start.

For example, check out the prices of services in your area. Have they gone up or down? How many clients are you averaging on a busy Saturday? Could there be room to book just one more client? With the right tools, booking a few more clients doesn’t have to degrade the quality of your salon experience.

We all know the old saying rings true: time is money.

And adding just ONE extra color retouch client ($80) a week can bring your salon an extra $4,160 a year!

So start cutting down on service times and put some more clients on the books! For our clients,  Organic Way’s Hypercolor is going to be your new best friend. It has over 99% natural ingredients and with just a few drops into the color it can process what would have been a 45 minute color service in just 15! Add heat for 10, cool for 5, and you’re ready to rinse and go. The bottle will last up to 70 color treatments, so start rearranging your schedule now.

#5 Take Time to Rejuvenate Your Body


As busy stylists our bodies take a lot of stress, but part of being successful is taking care of our health.

Triumphs won’t mean anything if we can’t enjoy them when we get there. As much as we invest in everything ergonomic it’s inevitable that there is some wear and tear on our joints. We’ve got pain in our backs, our wrists, our knees. So the best we can do is to counteract these damaging repetitive movements with loving and constructive ones.

Even small efforts like taking a hike, a walk on the beach, or a stroll in the park can make a powerful difference.

How about finding a restorative yoga class in your area that you can attend weekly? If you’re in the more holistic / organic salon business, this can double as a way to meet new people and potential clients.

You could also start a salon sports team. Get everyone involved for weekly softball or kick ball games. Involve other businesses in your area to build new friendships/partnerships in the community. This year, however it is that you like to move, whether it’s swimming, biking, running, dancing (the list could go on)… get out there and do it!

Success is worth nothing without health.


#6 Go For Your Goals


What professional goals have you been putting off? 2016 is the year to take the plunge.

Do you want to sell more retail? Do you want to start your own salon? Are you interested in becoming an educator?

“Wake up to your true potential for abundant living in 2016. Turn up your inner power by manifesting your desires of being a star and focus on ways you can and will achieve these goals,” says our Education Director, Rebecca Gregory.

No more holding back, it’s time to put the plans in motion.

Start a vision board. Cut out images or words that represent the things that you are striving for this year, no matter how outlandish they may seem now. Hang this in your bedroom, living room, or salon. Somewhere you can see it everyday and remind yourself of where your focus should be. Then sit down and write out a month by month goal chart. Make them reasonable, but also make sure they are pushing you just outside of your comfort zone.

What are you goals for 2016? Share them below!

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