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Hairstyles, colors and cuts can change yearly, or even seasonally and oftentimes it can be difficult to keep up with what is in versus what is out. We know this can be stressful, but don’t worry we have you covered!

2018 has been all about the low-maintenance styles. Clients are opting for styles that don’t require monthly visits to the hair salon, or a morning hair routine that takes more than a few minutes. Here’s a list of some of our favorite hairstyles of 2018!

2018 Hairstyle Trends

Low-Maintenance Bangs


These are not your middle school bangs. This trend involves longer strands of hair and a shaggy cut. The results are eyelash-grazing and light and fluffy. This is a great option for those looking to dip their toes into a hairstyle with bangs since it is so low-maintenance, not to mention it makes you look instantly stylish.

Pro Tip: Take a small amount of organic pomade and run it through your bangs. This will ensure they keep their feathery look.

The New Shag


Like the bangs mentioned above, this year’s haircuts are all about longer layers and low-maintenance ends. Our favorite versions of this trend include the modern shag haircuts. These hairstyles look best on healthy hair, so make sure to invest in some nourishing hair care products.

Pro Tip: No need to use heat styling tools on these haircuts. Simply dry, spritz some sea salt spray and done!

Long Bob


This trend just doesn’t seem to be going away! Whether this is a style by choice, or you’re in between haircuts, a long bob is a maintenance free way to enjoy shorter hair. As opposed to the shag haircut, long bobs can be kept straight and sharp, so it just depends on what look you’re going for.

Pro Tip: Dress up the style of your long bob by styling it sleek and straight.

Natural Highlights


Contrary to the platinum blonde locks Kim Kardashian wore early this year, most people are opting for a more natural look. This means babylights, highlights and balayage – as opposed to bleach all over. Not only do these methods of coloring provide more depth and dimension, but they also require less maintenance, the theme of 2018 hair trends.

Pro Tip: To prevent your highlights from fading or going brassy, incorporate a purple shampoo into your weekly hair care routine.

The Lioness


Whether this is curly or wavy, clients are loving using their natural texture to their advantage. This is very different from years past where flat irons reigned supreme. 2018 has been focused on ‘not styled’ hairstyles which are a lot easier to achieve by playing with your hair’s natural texture.

Pro Tip: Prep the hair with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to give the hair more shape and body. Try using a curl-enhancing potion as well to encourage the hair to embrace its natural texture and to provide some definition to your waves.

Would you add any other hairstyles to this list? Let us know in the comments below!


About the Author

Brandy Marshall is the owner and head stylist of one of the best salons in Bee Cave, TX. She is on a mission to ensure that everyone loves their hair – no matter the color, cut or texture.

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