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Scott Mitchell – Chief Executive Officer

Scott Mitchell Palm Harbor
Scott Mitchell Palm Harbor
Scott Mitchell Palm Harbor FL

Prior to founding what is now Simply Organic in 2010, Mr. Scott Mitchell was an integral part in founding and developing a number of major ecommerce companies including,, RollingStone,com, and  Mr. Mitchell also started one of the Internet’s largest online marketing and advertising companies, INUVO (NYSE:INUV) and raised hundreds of millions of dollars in capital to finance the acquisition of his competitors.  One company that Mr. Mitchell is particularly well noted for is, referred to as the Facebook for Billionaires, and started at a time of general economic downturn.

Scott is the son of a single mother who raised her four boys as a hairdresser.  Having seen what the harsh chemicals that are used in salons had done to the skin on her hands, her respiratory system, and her overall general health; he knew there had to be a better way.  As Scott researched solutions to these health problems, he also discovered how big brand beauty companies exploit salon owners and independent hairdressers to deprive them of the financial success they would (and should) otherwise enjoy as creative artisans providing a unique, specialized, and highly skilled service to their trusting and loyal clientele.  What began as a research project turned into a vision and Mr. Mitchell has since dedicated the full force of his resources, time, and efforts towards making significant changes in the professional beauty services industry.  A change that is aimed exclusively at shifting the power in the industry away from big beauty brands and back where it belongs – in the creative, hard-working, dedicated professionals that make their clients feel better about themselves every day.

Scott has a strong disdain towards product diversion and has made dozens, if not hundreds, of pledges that the products that his company will never distribute or sell a product that is diverted in any way.  Mr. Mitchell has a dedication to cleaning up the harsh and toxic chemicals in the salon environment to protect the salon professionals that are exposed to it daily, their clients, and the environment.  Scott embodies business principles that are based on fairness and will ensure that the organic raw ingredients, packaging, products, and any other materials sold through his company are derived from sources that pay fair, living, wages.

I recent years, Scott has shifted his standard for ingredients away from Certified Organic and up to Certified Biodynamic.  Biodynamic principles require that all ingredients are grown in soil that has not been exposed to synthetic fertilizers, or chemicals of any kind, in at least 100 years and that all ingredients are picked by human hands rather than harvested by machines that also have a tendency to introduce pollutants into the ingredients and hydrofluorocarbons into the atmosphere.  By him setting this higher standard, he required that his company make major product, supplier, and other changes.  This dedication to excellence and always offering the cleanest, most organic, and safest salon products, while not sacrificing professional results, is what he feels has set Simply Organic apart from any other company of its kind in the world.

Today, Simply Organic is the world’s largest provider of professional-only organic salon products.  Scott has said “We are the trusted steward of a highly selective set of carefully curated products that our clients know have the safest, most effective, and purest ingredients available.  We have done all of the due diligence so that they don’t have to.”

A quote that Mr. Mitchell often quotes is “Never underestimate the ability of a small group of passionate people to change the world.  In fact, they are the only ones that ever have.”  Mr. Mitchell believes in the power of the Simply Organic mission.  He’s proud of the Holistic Hair Tribe movement.  While he works relentless, passionately, and with a deliberate sense of purpose in the background of Simply Organic, he does host an annual cocktail party at his Florida home during Simply Organic’s annual invitation-only Train the Trainer event.  It is there that he gets to experience first hand what the collective efforts of his staff are accomplishing and the truly miraculous changes it is making in so many professional’s lives.  Each year he is heard saying, through uncharacteristically slightly teary eyes, that this year he is even more proud of the “Tribe’s” accomplishments than the last.

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Scott Mitchell
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Chief Executive Officer
Simply Organic
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