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[two_columns height=”255″ border=”border”] salon support [/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”255″ border=”border”] Organic Color Systems truly cares about our clients and is dedicated to supporting you in many different ways.  Consider us a colleague making this site and our services part of your “back-room”! Here on our website, you will find informative articles relative to our products, the answers to frequently asked questions, details about our color education, technical data and examples of our products in action! If you are in need of direct support, you can always call us toll free at 1 (888) 213-4744 ext 902 to speak with one of our product experts. [/two_columns_last] [styledbox type=”shadow” align=”center”]

Contacting an Organic Salon Expert

Organic Salon Support Experts are available during regular business hours to answer your questions. If your answer cannot be answered immediately, it will be answered at the earliest possible opportunity. This service is for salon professionals who are existing clients of ours only.

By Phone: Call us toll free at 1 (888) 213-4744 ext 902
By Email: Salon Support Email

If you have general questions about our products, but are not currently a client of ours, please feel free to contact our sales department.

By Phone: Call us toll free at 1 (888) 213-4744 ext 903
By Email: Salon Sales Email

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Upcoming Salon Education Events

[events_calendar] [/two_columns] [two_columns_last height=”255″ border=”border”] in-salon education Our classes and workshops let you experience product and color education like you never have before! These seminars are led by our team of expert organic colorists and stylists. [/two_columns_last] [styledbox type=”shadow” align=”center”]

Upcoming Organic Salon Education Events

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Organic Colorist Professional Certification Program (Coming in 2012)


Level Mastery

Practical Review

Certified Organic Stylist 1 and 2 No, online only
Certified Organic Colorist 3 and 4 No, online only
Certified Professional Organic Colorist 5 and 6 No, online only
Certified Expert Organic Colorist 7 and 8 Yes, in person
Certified Master Organic Colorist 9 and 10 Yes, in person
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Online Education Certification Levels (Coming in 2012)

[accordion] [panel title=” Level 1 – Organic Hair Care Fundementals “] Coming in 2012 [/panel] [panel title=” Level 2 – Organic Hair Styling Fundementals “] Coming in 2012 [/panel] [panel title=” Level 3 – Organic Hair Color Fundementals “] Coming in 2012 [/panel] [panel title=” Level 4 – Organic Treatments and Lighteners “] Coming in 2012 [/panel] [panel title=” Level 5 – Ingredients Principles “] Coming in 2012 [/panel] [panel title=” Level 6 – Advanced Hair Care Techniques “] Coming in 2012 [/panel] [panel title=” Level 7 – Advanced Styling Techniques “] Coming in 2012 [/panel] [panel title=” Level 8 – Advanced Hair Color Techniques “] Coming in 2012 [/panel] [panel title=” Level 9 – Advanced Organics, Theories and Principles I”] Coming in 2012 [/panel] [panel title=” Level 10 – Advanced Organics, Theories and Principles II “] Coming in 2012 [/panel] [/accordion] [/styledbox]

Most Recent Webinars

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