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Organic Color Systems is a very predictable color that consistently delivers true-to-chart color results. However, due to the infinite intermixability of the line, colorists may decide to test how their formula or ideas will look before applying to the entire head of hair. For this very reason, we recommend the Hair Color Strand Test before proceeding with the entire application.

Hair Color Strand Test – Step by Step

Professional Organic Hair Color Mix your desired color formula or Organic Color Systems into approximately 1 capful and add approximately 1 capful of 20 Vol, 6% activator (either cream or liquid) and blend well.
Apply to a few selected strands of hair. Be sure to apply the color evenly and thoroughly as you would normally if the hair were still attached to your client’s scalp. Let sit for approximately 45 – 50 minutes.
Rinse the hair strands and towel dry the strands of hair that were tested. Note timing and condition of hair after test. This is an excellent opportunity to discuss total hair health and the value of performing a Wet Stretch Test.
Share the outcome with your client. Note the condition of the hair, processing time, colors and activators used, and feedback from the client to make appropriate adjustments to your color application plan. Proceed with certainty that you have professionally prepared and guided this client to a healthy and beautiful result!