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While the Hair Porosity Test only takes a couple of minutes; it is one way to ensure that your client’s hair is properly prepared, as your canvas, before you perform your art of professional organic hair color. Understanding and testing hair porosity will help you ensure consistently rich and long lasting hair color results for your clients which will lead to increasing your referrals. The results of the Hair Porosity Test will clearly demonstrate to you clients why they may have had hair color trouble in the past and prove that they will no longer experience it with you as their colorist.

When hair is porous it means that it absorbs moisture quickly but will also loose moisture quickly. This is a sign of a damaged cuticle and low protein levels. When hair is impermeable, it will not absorb moisture quickly and will hold what it does absorb quite well. This is a sign of a tight cuticle that is difficult to open and usually indicates overuse of conditioners, silicone coating from styling products, or a buildup of minerals from well water.

The Hair Porosity Test Step-by-Step

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Step 1:

Prepare a tall glass of water.

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Step 2:

Extract a strand or two of hair from your clients head. It should be enough hair to see with your own eyes.

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Step 3:

Drop the hair in the glass and watch it for one minute. Finally, analyze the results with the table below.

Analyzing the Hair Porosity Test Results

Healthy hair should not sink at all or only sink slightly. The rate that the sinks is indicative of the pace that it absorbs (and will lose) moisture. The faster the moisture is absorbed into the hair, the more porous it should be. Hair should naturally absorb moisture at a slow pace and should be capable of holding it for long periods of time. If hair absorbs enough moisture within one minute to cause it to sink in water, it is absorbing too fast and indicates problemed porosity.

Hair Position Meaning and Treatment
Floating The hair is impermeable. Treat with Aqua Boost shampoo and treatment before coloring to soften the cuticle.
Sinking – Middle of the Glass The hair is normal. Treat with Aqua Boost shampoo before coloring to soften the cuticle.
Sunk – At the Bottom of the Glass The hair is porous. Treat with Aqua Boost shampoo to soften the cuticle and then Revamp to ad protein before processing with heat for 5 minutes.