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The complete Organics Color range is extensive and consists of 65 intermixable colors, 10 intermixable activators of both a liquid and cream consistency, two specialized lighteners, as well as a set of specialized oils. The colors come in convenient 5.2 oz bottles and contents are in a gel form. This maxes Organic Color Systems ideal for intermixing the colors and truly unleashing your creativity as a colorist. The bottles are perfect for managing inventory, controlling usage rates, and minimizing package waste.

The line is supported by an extensive hair care line, rich in nutrients and certified organic ingredients, and free sodium laurel sulfates (SLS), thioglycolates, formaldehyde, and ammonia. The hair care line includes 4 unique ranges of shampoos, conditioners, and treatments that offer superb quality hair care formulated specifically to deliver the maximum health to the hair. This range of products will make it inconceivably easy for you to achieve the proper protein and moisture ratio of the hair while maintaining the proper pH levels of the hair thereby minimizing damage and maximizing the health of the hair.

Our styling line is equally as impressive. Rich in nutrients and certified organic ingredients, it is also completely free from plastics, silicones, and sodium laurel sulfates. A truly amazing way to finish your completely incredible results; healthy, naturally, organically, and beautifully! You’re clients will feel good about looking great!

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Technical Information for Colorists – The Colors

Each of the permanent colors in the OCS range is described by a number followed by a letter. The number is called an ICC number and signifies the depth of color. It ranges from the number 1 (the darkest) to 10 (the lightest).

Class Colors Base
Naturals 1N – 10N blue-violet
Double N (NN) 4NN – 8NN blue-violet
Ash 4AH – 10AH blue/green, blue, violet / blue
Golden 4GD – 8 GD yellow
Copper 4CR- 8CR orange
Mahogany 4MH – 7MH mahogany and burgundy
Red Copper 5RC-7RC red/orange
Fiery Red 4FR – 8FR true red tones
Bright Copper Range 6BC – 8BC orange and yello
High-lift 11HN, 11HS, & 11HA yellow

The Natural range of colors 1 – 10.

This range has a blue-violet base to give coverage of white hair in the most natural way possible. Colors 1-8 will cover 100% white hair, whilst only partial coverage is achieved using 9 & 10.

The NN Range of colors 4NN-8NN.

The NN series has been formulated for grey coverage. All of the water has been removed from these colors, leaving a higher concentration of the moisturizing oil base. This makes these colors more effective at softening the cuticle layer of grey hair. Unlike ammoniated NN”s, which usually contain higher levels of ammonia and higher pigment loads, our NN’s contain the same pigment loads as our Natural series. You can use them freely without worrying about end results that are too flat or drab.

The Ash range of colors 4AH – 10AH.

This range has varying base dependent on depth; 4AH & 5AH are blue/green; 6AH, 7AH, 8AH, & 9AH are blue and 10AH is violet / blue.

Light Extra Ash and Dark Extra Ash.

These colors have been formulated to help drab out warmth. The Light Extra Ash is a level 8 green/blue and the Dark Extra Ash is a level 3 green/blue. These are strong ashes, please consider this when formulating with them.

The Golden range of colors 4GD – 8 GD.

This range of colors has a yellow base to add tones of a golden nature.

The Copper range of colors 4CR- 8CR.

The coppers have a predominance of orange to add the vibrancy and character of pure copper.

The Mahogany range of colors 4MH – 7MH.

The mahoganies are based on violet to add the mahogany and burgundy tones that are truly rich and vibrant.

The Red Copper Range of colors 5RC-7RC.

These colors have a concentrated red/orange base. It was designed to give rich fashion tones.

The Fiery Red range of colors 4FR – 8FR.

True to their name and based on pure red, these colors achieve bright, true red tones that last and last.

The Bright Copper Range of Colors 6BC – 8BC.

This range of colors has fashion base of orange and yellow to produce a bright copper.

The Highlift range of colors 11HN, 11HS, & 11HA.

These colors are designed to give maximum lift on level 7 or lighter.

Technical Information for Colorists – The Activators

Our activators are made with only pharmaceutical grade peroxide and represent the finest, purest, activators available. This is a much more refined and gentler way of activating the color. Other companies use commercial or industrial grade which is more aggressive and can irritate the skin and burn the hair.

Activator Consistency Usage
0 Vol or 0% Liquid Used to mix or dilute for demi results
10 Vol or 3% Liquid Lifting 1 – 2 Shades
10 Vol or 3% Cream Lifting 1 – 2 Shades
20 Vol or 6% Liquid Lifting 1 – 3 Shades
20 Vol or 6% Cream Lifting 1 – 3 Shades
30 Vol or 9% Liquid Lifting 2 – 7 Shades
30 Vol or 9% Cream Lifting 2 – 7 Shades
40 Vol or 12% Cream Lifting 4 – 9 Shades
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Mixing The Color

The normal mixing formula is equal amounts of product to equal amounts of developer.
Example – 1 oz of Color with 1 oz of Activator.

High lift blondes require double (2x) the amount of Activator. Example – 1 oz of high lift color to 2 oz of Activator 40 vol or 12%.

For Resistant grey hair use slightly less Activator to color ratio. Example – 60 ml of color with 50 ml of Activator 20 vol or 6%.

The use of heat with Organic Color Systems.

Because of the gentle nature of Organic Color Systems’ hair color we use gentle heat to raise the cuticle to achieve color penetration of the micro pigments into the hair.

Note: This is a warm to medium heat source (not hot). 100 – 105 degrees Fahrenheit.
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Processing Times

Normal processing time is 15 minutes with heat followed by 20-25 minutes without heat = total processing time of 30-35 minutes. The high lift blondes processing time is 15 minutes with heat followed by 30 minutes without heat = total processing time of 45 minutes.

Note: These times are guidelines. With more resistive hair you can leave the colors on longer if required. This can be done without the fear of increasing the damage to the hair because of the absence of ammonia and the stable pH of Organic Color Systems’ hair color.

Naturlite Lightening Powder

An ammonia-free lightening powder for off the scalp lightening. A micro-granular formula that is dust free, has cationic conditioners and a fresh, subtle fragrance.
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Naturlite Activators

Naturlite has its own specially formulated cream activators.

Cream Activator 6% = 20 Vol – will lift 1-3 shades.

Cream Activator 9% = 30 Vol – will lift 2-7 shades.

Mixing Instructions For Naturlite

Mix 1 scoop of Naturlite Powder with 2 scoops of Naturlite Cream Activator.

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