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Ammonia Hair Color
By: Rebecca Gregory

Face the Facts!

“You are wasting your time and money on “ miracle repair, conditioning treatments” if you are following up with ammoniated hair color,” says Organic Color Systems, Technical Director, Rebecca Gregory.

Let us show you what we mean.

Take your favorite conditioner or re-constructer and smear it on your bathroom mirror. Then, take a bottle of ammonia (Windex will do) and spray the spot, then wipe. The conditioner will vanish easily and instantaneously. This is essentially the same action that is happening on your hair when you use an ammoniated hair color over your new conditioning or reconstructive hair treatment.

Problematic Parabens and Plastics

More and more hair care and styling products are containing an increased amount of parabens (inexpensive preservatives, suggested to cause cancer). These products also contain waxes and other plastics that build up on the hair, causing dullness and dryness to the hair and scalp.

What’s worse?

To compensate for artificial ingredient barriers that waxy tube colors can create, conventional products have been made stronger to actually penetrate the hair. Not to mention, most color contains Propylene Glycol – this toxic ingredient coats the hair and gives all who look at the finished hair a false sense of health. By simply cleansing the hair prior to an Organic hair color service with our cleansing shampoo system, you will not need to use a toxic ammoniated hair color to “bust through” the waxes and artificial viscosity boosters.

Breaking Down Doubt

A common misconception has been, if a hair color was natural and gentle, it wouldn’t cover gray and would fade rapidly. Being the the professional market for over 20 years and used in over 40 countries, Organic Color Systems has consistently proven this to be false.

We understand that in order to run a successful salon, you must use products that can cover gray. As a professional hair color line, that is our commitment to you and your clientele. OCS is able to obtain 100% grey coverage, and has superior shine, leaving the hair feeling luxurious to the touch. This is due to the healing properties found in Organic Color Sytems that protect the hair’s natural tyrosine levels (amino acid in hair responsible for color production) and the hair’s structural integrity.

Ammonia Need Not Apply

You no longer need the excess force of conventional ammoniated hair color to penetrate resistant hair, unnecessarily removing all of the conditioning treatments that you applied in its path. Don’t be ammonia dependent! Ammonia is ready to be retired. It did its job of swelling the hair, blowing open the cuticle, and when mixed with hydrogen peroxide, drove all the ingredients into the hair, but at the cost of the hair’s health and integrity.

Instead of choosing a volatile gas to perform this function, OCS has chosen a liquid compound (derived from coconut and only .004% of the formula) and gentle heat to gently open the hair cuticle and deposit color. Due to OCS’s ability to stabilize the pH of the hair, the hair is able to gently open – accepting the color – and then can be closed with our pH balance conditoners and reconstructors. Organic Color Systems’ pH is 9 and the Naturlite Lightening System’s pH is 10, while ammoniated color and bleach lighteners have a pH of 11.5.

“If Ammonia is so bad for the hair, then why does hair looks so shiny after a fresh ammoniated color service?”

The answer is simple.

A dirty mirror sparkles after an application of ammonia cleaner, as well. The difference is that ammonia cannot wear down or erode glass like it does hair. And just like what we spoke about earlier, there are an abundance of waxy ingredients that are meant to coat the hair, making it appear healthy. However, in actuality, the hair is being damaged further by the build up of artificial ingredients.

Our Dedication to Salon Professionals

As professionals in the salon industry, we are dedicated to offering products that benefit the hair, and our concept is to offer a gentle, non- toxic formulation that gives professional stylists the opportunity to treat, color, and help your clientele maintain their healthy locks.

We are dedicated to enhancing the health of the hair, by giving back its natural shine, without damage that ammonia causes. Ultimately, you are merely wasting time and money and being counterproductive should you perform conditioning and repairing treatments and following with aggressive ammoniated color of the past.

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