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Avoiding Coronavirus: Salon Sanitation Tips


Coronavirus, COVID-19 or the novel Corona Virus—you’ve heard of it, you know what it is. The Coronavirus is here and it is important to take the proper safety and salon sanitation steps to ensure the health of yourself, your stylists and your clients.

Here are important sanitation reminders for your salon!

Wash your hands often.

You’ve heard this as one of the first steps to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, but it cannot be emphasized enough. You will be touching clients in close proximity to their face, so be sure to wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

It’s also important to keep hand sanitizer handy. If you or your stylists have extra on hand and are going into the salon, bring it and keep it at the checkout counter, in the waiting area and if possible at stylist’s booths. The hand sanitizer needs to contain at least 60% alcohol to kill the Coronavirus.

Even with hand washing and hand sanitizer, do not touch your face while you are in the salon. Throw your hair up into a bun for the day. If you have to touch your face, use the inside of your shirt as a barrier. You cannot be too careful.

And if you’re super-dreading all this extra hand washing with your already water-exposed and dry hands, be sure to grab some Remedy Hand Balm (light) or Velvet Body Fluid (heavy).

PRO TIP: Oway Soothing Remedy Spot Treatment relieves even the driest, itchiest, reddest skin so you can find relief no matter how many times you lather up.

Extra clean surfaces.

Not only can Coronavirus be spread by respiratory tracks, but it can live on surfaces for a long time. You need to be sure to clean your common surfaces—things like door handles, keyboards and checkout stations—with the proper at-home disinfecting products. Be sure to read the instructions and use accordingly. Remember, it takes up to 60% alcohol to kill the virus.

Check out the below chart for the exact protocol you should follow to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.


Disinfect capes, towels and other re-usable items.

Be sure to clean capes, towels or other items that clients interact with every time after they are used. This is imperative to protect yourself, your staff and the next client that wears the cape or uses the towel. At this time, everything in-salon needs to be treated as single-use.

Check out our Eco Salon Sanitation products here to keep your salon prepared this week and in the coming months.

Hands off.

During this season of Coronavirus, shaking hands or giving hugs to your clients and co-workers is not a good idea.

Instead, explain to you client that you’re following the “hands off” protocol to protect the both of you.

Use signage to your advantage.

Place signage both out front where clients can see it and in the back where stylists frequent such as the break room, restroom and mixing bar to remind them about proper hygiene standards. Washing hands, wiping down surfaces, covering when sneezing or coughing and hands-off policy are all important things to note.

Also consider offering free re-scheduling options to clients who might be feeling sick or are uncomfortable visiting the salon. A sickness cancellation policy will help to keep everybody safe.

Stay home.

Yes, this is a tough one, but in the end the safety and health of both yourselves and your peers, both co-workers and clients alike, should be at the forefront of your mind and every decision you make in the salon in the coming weeks and months.

Keep your immune system strong by having lots of Vitamin C, getting your full 7-8 hours of sleep and drinking more water than usual. However, we are not just dealing with the seasonal flu here. If you or your client gets sick, the CDC strongly recommends to stay home.

Please remember that you can be asymptomatic for up to two weeks after contracting the Coronavirus. You know the best decision to make for your business.

PRO TIPS: We understand how this can be difficult for stylists economically. So if you feel that you need to work, here are safer ways to do it:

  • Consider doing house calls. You may need to charge more for traveling.
  • Set up a by-appointment only system. This will help limit contact and at the same time help keep your business afloat.
  • If clients are concerned about not getting their products, this is a great time to remind them about If you have not signed up for the Partner Program, click here.

Extra resources for communication

Communication is key! You want to ensure your clients know the measures you are taking in your salon so that they are comfortable coming in and in the chair. Use your social media to inform them of the steps you are taking to ensure your salon is a safe space, or whether you plan to close for the time being.

PRO TIP: Use your salon’s SMS, email and phone confirmations to these sanitation steps you’re taking to allay any fears and concerns.

Stay protected with these salon sanitation products:


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