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Brazilian Blowout FDA Warning

The United States Food and Drug Administration has taken an active interest in the Brazilian Blowout controversy by warning the company that its products contain a “poisonous or deleterious substance” and that it was falsely labeled as formaldehyde-free. Formaldehyde is a toxic carcinogen which is believed to cause myeloid leukemia and rare cancers of the nose and mouth.

In the FDA’s letter to the company, the agency said that its tests revealed that over 10% of Brazilian Blowout is formaldehyde. If this sounds slightly familiar, that is because just 5 months ago the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued a hazard alert about Brazilian Blowout. This comes almost a year after Health Canada banned all keratin treatments containing dangerous amounts of formaldehyde, with Brazilian Blowout being the most potent. It has come to the point where US Congessman Earl Blumenauer is fighting for a full recall of all Brazilian Blowout products.

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[hozbreak] To sum things up – Brazilian Blowout’s high formaldehyde content, when released into the air, is toxic and carcinogenic when inhaled by anybody in the vicinity.

Although the United States and Canada are gently demanding Brazilian Blowout to use a less toxic formula and tostop false advertising, it has been less than effective. Brazilian Blowout officials continue to insist that their products do not emit anything more than trace amounts of formaldehyde. Being investigated by the FDA and banned by the Canadian Government should be something of concern for Mike Brady, Brazilian Blowout’s CEO, but he responded to the FDA letter by saying “I’m not that concerned about it”. Hopefully their CEO will take action on Brazilian Blowouts deceptive marketing and toxic products, but he currently does not seem to care.

A note on the Brazilian Blowout website posted on September 28 confirmed that the FDA letter had no effect on their philosophy of offering highly toxic products while advertising them as completely safe. The company posted, “[Salons] can continue to confidently offer the Brazilian Blowout.”

Earl Blumenauer, a Democratic Congressman from Oregon, disagrees with that posting. He has been fighting against Brazilian Blowout’s fraudulent advertising claims and potently toxic formula for years. Seeing that the latest action from the FDA did no more to Brazilian Blowout than previous hazard warnings have done, Blumenauer wrote a letter to the FDA claiming –
“The health hazard posed by Brazilian Blowout’s products is clear, and the marketing and public relations practices that the company continues to employ are grossly deceptive to businesses and consumers,” and that “Brazilian Blowout is clearly acting without regard for public health and intervention by the FDA is necessary.”

Unfortunately, none of these actions have done anything to help protect the public from the toxic Brazilian Blowout treatments. As the company falsely advertises their products as formaldehyde free, much of the public still believes it is a safe product. Nothing could be further from the truth. Brazilian Blowout is not only toxic and linked to cancer for the person receiving the treatment, but especially to the stylist applying the treatment, as well as anybody else in the salon. Inhalation is both the primary and the most unhealthy method of formaldehyde exposure.

Smart salon owners and hair stylists have been moving their businesses and clients away from these toxic products to more organic and natural hair products. Unfortunately, there are very few keratin treatments that can work as well as a formaldehyde treatment, the most popular being Organic Keratin Treatment “Keragreen”, which most switch over to.

Edit – We’ve been asked by Brazilian Blowout to mention here that they claim their products never release dangerous amounts of formaldehyde in a “real world application”. We obviously don’t buy that, along with most other people. Here is a link of the FDA letter to Brazilian Blowout if you want more details.

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