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5 Ways Your Salon Can Support Breast Cancer Awareness Month


Love pink? So does October! And with October comes one of the most widely-recognized awareness month: Breast Cancer Awareness.

With Breast Cancer at the forefront of the wellness world and as a holistic hairstylist, you have the unique opportunity to make a huge difference in your clients health by doing a few simple things in your salon that will immediately boost awareness. Check out five ideas below that will make the most of the month and just might help a client or staff member of yours.

How to Make the Most of Pink October

1. Partner with a local clinic.

Partnering with a local clinic will encourage clients to get checked. Most people tend to let their own health fall to the wayside, so you as a place of holistic wellness are in the perfect position to remind them to put themselves first.

Plus, the clinic will likely mention their partnership with you, meaning extra brand awareness during the month. You can always look at working out a mutual agreement so both your business and the clinic get a bit of press out of it.

2. Utilize shelf-talkers.

A unique way to use these is as a display for common signs and symptoms that women need to lookout for. The graphic below is from It very clearly and effectively lays out main warning signs.

Placing these in the waiting area, at the front desk and even at stylists stations are perfect areas where customers can take a peek while waiting to be serviced. You never know who might be encouraged to go get checked, just because of the little extra information that you provided!


3. Have your staff wear a pink ribbon the entire month.

This is a cute, easy and cheap way to get your staff involved in Breast Cancer Awareness month. It will effortlessly strike up conversation with customers and will remind them that it is a good time to get checked out at the clinic.

4. Run a fundraising contest.

This is a win-win for both Breast Cancer fundraising and your salon! People love a little competition, so you can offer a prize to the highest donation. This can be whatever works best for your salon, whether it be a complimentary treatment or free product. Be sure to advertise on social media and create a hashtag.

If you’d rather not ask for money, set up a clothing collection for old bras and clothes!

Image Source: JCPenney

5. Decorate the salon.

Having a section of the salon decorated, even if simply in all-out pink decor, will give clients a place to take photos and is another subliminal reminder of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

This is the perfect place to put your fundraising jar or clothing collection box! Posters, leaflets, your shelf-talker and any additional information (maybe provided by the clinic you partner with) can be housed here as well. The waiting area is a great option since it is where your clients have the most idle time.

Have extra-cute decorations or especially love the pink ribbon you and your staff are wearing? Tag us on social media—we would love to see what you’re doing around the salon this month!

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