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Oway Hmelt Launch & Learn Online Training: 8 Things You Missed

Oway Hmelt has finally landed in the United States! With this innovative product from Oway, creating those stunning Pastel and Unicorn-inspired hair colors will be so much easier. Specifically made for formulating fashion tones, Oway Hmelt harnesses the power of natural pigments to add vibrancy and life to your hair color.

If you missed the Launch and Learn online training yesterday, then read on because we got the juicy details right here!

8 Facts about Oway Hmelt

The pigments are harvested from biodynamic-organic phytoactive ingredients.

Oway Hmelt’s ingredients are cultivated and harvested in our family farm in Bologna, Italy. Called Ortofficina, our 50,000-square meter piece of land uses the biodynamic farming method.

A step above organic, biodynamic farming is a holistic form of agriculture that does away with the use synthetic mineral fertilizers, heavy machinery, and chemical pesticides. Instead we use natural fertilizers like humus, earthworms, and insects; and enlisted the help of our free-range donkeys Spritz and Fulmine to mow vegetation and produce fertilizer for the farm. To manage the land and harness our ingredients’ potent benefits, we base our operations on an astronomical calendar. Cosmic and lunar cycles are closely monitored to determine the best time for planting and harvesting, like what ancient farmers used to do back when polluting chemicals and machinery aren’t a thing.


Hmelt DOES NOT contain questionable chemicals such as synthetic fragrance, parabens, phthalates, petroleum, ammonia, GMOs, formaldehyde, among others.

These chemicals will continue to be in Oway’s no-fly list. Preserving the health of the client, stylist, and planet has always been the core of our mission. It’s simply something we cannot compromise.

Hmelt is powered by phytoactives derived from Biodynamic Curly Dock and Organic Mullein.

Oway’s ability to preserve the integrity of the hair during color and lightening treatments is what separates the brand from other salon products in the market. With Oway Hmelt, we’ve added more nourishing ingredients into the mix to keep the hair in top shape throughout the treatment.

Biodynamic Curly Dock is rich in magnesium, iron, potassium, and calcium – which are necessary for improving the hair’s sheen, softness, and combability. Meanwhile, Organic Mullein, which is known for its brilliant flowers, absorbs light and transforms it into stunning brightness, leaving the hair with enhanced color radiance.


Each Hmelt shade contains phytopigments from Fair Trade botanicals.

Our green chemists at Oway have developed a way to obtain color-intensifying pigments from plants. Each Oway Hmelt Pure Pigment Concentrate contains pigments derived from Turmeric, Saffron, Rhatany, Broom, Walnut, and Lycopene. Moreover, these botanicals are acquired from verified Fair Trade networks to support less fortunate communities.

Hmelt features a collection of 9 direct color pigments.

You asked for hair color for creating bold, fashion tones – and we listened. Hmelt features 9 stunning shades to help you unleash your creative potential. They are Blue Charm, Green Harmony, Mysterious Purple, Sunny Orange, Red Energy, Playful Rose, Divine Gold, Glamour Copper Gold, and Authentic Chestnut.

These shades are fully customizable, so you can now explore a ton of formulation options that weren’t possible in the past!

You client’s choice of Hmelt shade reflects their mood and energy.

As holistic hair stylists, the service we provide goes beyond coloring hair. Unlike regular salons, we aim to provide them the most relaxing and pleasant experience. This is why with Oway Hmelt, we highly encourage doing the 5-Point Hmelt Alchemic Consultation, a process that aims to hone the strength of your relationship with your client.

  • It starts with showing your clients the Hmelt Chromatic Color Chart and asking which color they’re usually drawn to.
  • Each Hmelt color conveys a specific meaning that reflects their mood and energy. After the reveal, observe their micro facial expressions, body language, and speech to see if the color’s energy resonates.
  • Continue the consultation until you’ve identified the shade and intensity your clients want.
  • Afterwards, discuss with them the process needed to achieve the color they desire. How many lightening sessions is required? How much will it cost? How long will the color last? Doing this will avoid any future misunderstanding and complaints.
  • Proceed with the corresponding Hmelt color they’ve selected.

And it comes with 6 Hmelt masks, in-salon and take-home hair conditioners that preserve hair color.

You read that right. The Hmelt Pure Pigment Color Concentrates come with 6 Hmelt Masks that you can use to prolong your clients’ hair colors. This is also a great take-home product for clients who need a quick fix for their fading hair color. The Organic Mullein included in the formula helps to revive and enrich the pigments in the hair.

The masks are intermixable with Hmelt pure pigments, and even Oway Hmilk.

Our Hmelt Masks are so versatile – you can create custom conditioners and toners by simply mixing it with our Oway Hmelt Pure Pigments and even Oway Hmilk No-Stress! There has been an increasing demand for color-specific conditioners that clients can take home and these Hmelt Masks are exactly the kind of product they will want to have.


Check out the Oway Hmelt packages to get you started!

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10 Major Things You Need to Know About the New Original & Mineral CØR.COLOR

Yesterday, we, together with Original & Mineral Australia’s brand ambassador Wayne Lewis, have officially launched O&M CØR.COLOR in North America!

We named it CØR because color is the core of our brand. The Ø represents our long-standing commitment to keeping O&M clear of harsh chemicals.

Missed yesterday’s Launch & Learn session? Don’t worry – we got all the juicy details right here! Here are the top 10 things you need to know about one of the industry’s cleanest professional hair color:

1.    It has ZERO Ammonia, Resorcinol, and PPD.

O&M is one of the first brands to exclude professional-grade Ammonia, Resorcinol, and PPD from their formula. CØR.COLOR stays true to that commitment and uses very minimal levels of MEA, PTDS, and 2-Methylresorcinol or 4-Chlororesorcinol – which are much gentler, safer, and kinder to the stylist, client, and the environment.

O&M is serious about low-chemical solutions for today’s conscious salon clients and committed hair stylists.

2.    It’s gluten and soy-free!

We’ve kept the common hair color allergens out of our formula – then we removed some more! CØR.color’s formula contains zero gluten and soy so more clients can safely experience and enjoy a hair color session without the itching and tingling.

3.    It comes in 102 beautiful shades.

From cool to neutral naturals to stunningly vibrant copper and violet hair colors, there’s more than 100 shades to mix to your hearts content (plus a new 0.00 Clear)! View the entire CØR.color shade range here.


3.    Which includes Pre-Mixed Pastel Tones.

Unicorn hair lovers – rejoice! Designed specifically for pre-lightened hair, CØR.Pastels are composed of 9 flexible toners that can be used for creating soft natural colors or reflective fashion colors.

4.    The formula is powered by O&M’s Molecular Blend Technology (MBT).

MBT is a revolutionary new hair color technology developed by O&M after years of research and in-salon testing. This technology allows for superior coverage and less or zero scalp irritation by pre-linking base and reflect color pigments. This process ensures that all pigments are fully developed and oxidized during the color process.

5.    Its active Desert Harvest Botanical Blend was used by Aboriginal Australians for more than 40,000 years.

Our Desert Harvest Botanical Blend is a traditional food that combines exotic fruits and seeds from the Australian desert: Quandong or Desert Peach, Desert Lime, and Wattle Seed. These food sources once consumed by the Aboriginal Australians due to their nourishing and healthful benefits, give CØR.COLOR its protective and hydrating properties.

6.    Nourishing, New CØR.color Activators

The new ultra-rich and creamy CØR.color activators use less water and more conditioning agents, driving the color into the hair shaft more effectively without compromising the integrity of the hair. Rice protein has been added as a plant protein to strengthen the hair shaft, while our Signature Oil Blend of Organic Coconut and Macadamia Oils provide cell regeneration and synthesis of keratin, while providing nourishment to the hair and scalp. Oh, and the shine!

Bonus: This new formula allowed O&M to reduce its mixing ratio to 1:1.5 – even in grey coverage scenarios. This provides more cost-savings to salons and stylists, and because they’re Ammonia-free, stylists can use them for hybrid color range offering for both permanent and semi-permanent shades.


8.    O&M Signature Oil Blend in Hair Color & Activators.

Our CØR.color and Activators use a special blend of certified Organic Coconut Oil and Macadamia oil to deliver enhanced vibrancy, color longevity, and deep hydration and conditioning benefits. This nourishing blend also ensures enhanced scalp comfort and amazing shine.

CØR.color Activators are available in 5, 10, 20, 30 and 40 volume strengths.

9.    Timing color is made easier.

With the new O&M CØR.COLOR, there’s no need for confusing timing charts. All you have to do is add +15 to the activator you’re using. You won’t ever have to worry about over-processing hair ever again!

Example: 4.13 + 4.0 mixed with CØR. Activator 20vol (20vol + 15mins = 35mins processing time).


10.    CØR.COLOR is certified vegan and cruelty-free.

O&M CØR.COLORr has no animal-derived ingredients and are not tested on animals. All colors are tested on human hair before they go out in the market.

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Hair Texture 101: How to Identify Curl Types and Ideal Styling Products


Many of us Hair Stylists have a tough time determining the needs of curly and textured hair clients. You may even panic when a head of beautiful curls walks through your salon door. Not anymore!

Introducing our Hair Texture 101 Guide!

Now, you’ll be able to easily determine various curl types and patterns, while servicing these clients with poise and confidence. As with all successful hair appointment experiences, it all starts with a thoughtful and thorough consultation. Your approach and questions are the key to gaining a textured client’s trust.

But first, you must know to ask slightly different questions when consulting with your curly clientele. This is due to the various textures (which you’ll learn to identify in this article) and how they hold up to moisture, humidity and your client’s unique lifestyle.

Below are some sample topics and questions to ask during your  consultation:

  1.  Ask them how long their has been free from chemicals.
  2.  What do their daily/weekly activities consist of? This question will probe them to tell you lifestyle choices, like whether they exercise or not and what they do for a living. Which at this point should help you determine the importance of convenience to this client.
  3.  Listen to your client to give them the best experience. If there is a service or technique you are not comfortable with, please let them know… they will most likely appreciate you being upfront about your limitations. You have now become a team in finding a style that you both will love and are capable of achieving.

How to Determine Different Curl and Textured Hair Types

Below, is a handy chart on how to identify different hair textures and curl patterns.

As trained hair stylists, we understand that you not only have to identify texture, but understand how certain hair types react to moisture/humidity and heat. This is the knowledge that the consumer is missing, which has unfortunately, led them down a road to becoming product junkies. Spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars on products they don’t use.

This is where you come in with your new found textured hair knowledge and styling product suggestions.



Images courtesy of Naturally

Types of Textured Hair Styling

Straightening/Silk Press:

This method, of course, can be done on all hair types. Textured hair is sought after often times because of its versatility. Straightening is for those that want convenience, professional reasons and/or personal preference. If worn too often, or if iron temperatures are too hot, you may cause heat damage to your clients hair.

That’s why I also recommend using our non-toxic, organic heat protection products.

Oway product suggestions: Thermal Stress Protector, Silk’n Glow line (Hair Bath, Hair Mask, Serum), Nurturing Drops, Glossy Nectar

Wet Setting/Wrapping:

Coils/Comb Twists

Texture Hair Types: 4-8
Oway Product Suggestions: Moisture line (Hair Bath, Mask and No-Rinse Moisture Spray), Flux Potion

Double Strand Twists

Texture hair types: 5-8
Oway Product Suggestions: Moisture line (Hair Bath, Mask and No-Rinse Moisture Spray), PreciousWax, Boho Pomade

Curl Defining

Texture hair types:  3-6
Oway Product Suggestions: Curly line (Hair Bath, Mask and Curly Potion), Shabby Mud, Precious Wax, Boho Pomade, Flux Potion

Roller Wraps

Texture Hair Types: All
Oway Product Suggestions: Flux Potion, Glossy Nectar, Silk’n Glow Serum, Glamshine Cloud Spray

Protective Styling:

Double Strand Twists/Coil Comb Twists

Texture Hair Types: 4-8
Oway product suggestions: Moisture line (Hair Bath, Mask and No-Rinse Moisture Spray), Flux Potion

Locs/ Dreadlocs

Texture hair types: 4-8 (but can be done on all types with manipulation techniques)
Oway Product Suggestions for Starting Locs: Flux Potion (for more coarse textures)
Oway Product Suggestions for Maintaing  Locs: Frozen Glaze, Boho Pomade

Braids & Braids/Twists Combo Styles:

Texture hair types:  4-8
Oway Product Suggestions: Boho Pomade, Frozen Glaze

Disclaimer: The product suggestions are a tool to help stylists. It is not suggested they be layered or to be used separate. The suggestions are merely for ideas only for this article. 

About The Author

Jennea Dorsey-Gordley

As a Simply Organic Educator, she brings to us years of experience working with textured hair, and more importantly, how to achieve desired results with non-toxic, organic hair products. If you’re interested in bringing Jennea into your salon for an in-depth texture class, please contact us at 888-213-4744

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