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FENNEL SEED OIL BENEFITS: The Beauty Hack to Healthy Hair


For many families, Fennel or Foeniculum vulgare is a favorite kitchen staple for the crunchy, sweet flavor it brings to any meal. Apart from the that, none of its parts go to waste: The pale green bulb can be added into a soup or salad; the leaves can enhance the flavor of pasta; while the seeds can be used as spice and made into oil.

From free-radical fighting antioxidants to phytonutrients, Fennel Seeds are loaded with over 80 vitamins and minerals that you wouldn’t get from your average vegetable. This makes it an excellent remedy for many hair and scalp conditions.

Benefits of Fennel Seed Oil to the Hair

Strengthens Hair

oway-nurturing-dropsOur bodies have a way of telling us if there’s something not right inside. For instance, when our hormones are not balanced or when we lack certain nutrients, our skin and hair will let us know instantly. Weak, damaged hair and fall outs are a sign of nutrient deficiency. It means our body is lacking in vitamins and minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron, among others.

Fennel seeds are rich in vitamin C, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, which is why many are using its extract for preventing hair loss. It helps to strengthen the follicles by bringing nutrition to the scalp. We highly recommend Oway Nurturing Drops to reverse and heal damage from the inside out.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Free radicals are detrimental to the hair. Without enough antioxidants in the body, free radicals can cause oxidative stress, which impedes hair growth and causes thinning. Fennel seeds are packed with antioxidants, as well as nutrients like pantothenic acid, iron, molybdenum, copper, folate, iron, and niacin that stimulate hair growth.

Fights Oxidative Stress

Almost 15% of Fennel’s nutritional value is made up of vitamin C, making it a very potent antioxidant. Vitamin C is also a known electron donor, which help prevent oxidative damage caused by imbalance of free radical levels in our body.

Oxidative stress can manifest in a variety of ways, from breakage to hair loss as a result of rapid aging. The only way to counter this is to use products containing vitamin C, like Oway After-Sun Hair Mask. The Fennel extract in this hair mask will help strip the hair and scalp of free radicals after a day in the sun.

Moisturizes the Hair

Many consumers make the mistake of overloading the hair with protein to keep it looking shiny and healthy. But nothing could be further than the truth. Our hair strands have no natural lubrication, so they rely on the oil produced in the roots to keep them looking shiny and nourished. An overabundance of protein can throw off the natural pH balance of the hair and scalp, resulting in hygral fatigue and dry scalp. The antioxidants and antimicrobial properties of Fennel tones the hair and scalp, stripping them of elements that are causing dryness, including protein buildup.

Cleanses the Scalp

According to research, Fennel Seed Oil effectively inhibits the growth of a wide spectrum of bacteria and fungi.1 Due to its acetone, n-butanol, ethanol and ether content, fennel extract is great for treating conditions like dandruff and eczema, and calming irritated scalp. Those with sensitive skin would benefit from using Oway Soothing Remedy Spot Treatment for its healing and moisturizing properties.


oway-soothing-remedyWho would have thought this favorite soup and salad ingredient offers all these amazing hair and scalp benefits? However, do take note that like all essential oils, Fennel Seed Oil must be diluted before application to avoid photosensitivity. Be sure to mix with a carrier oil or water before using.


1 European Medicines Agency. 2008. Assessment Report on Foeniculum Vulgare Miller. Available:


COTTON PROTEIN BENEFITS: The Nourishing Oil for Strong, Shiny Hair


We all know Cotton as that soft, fluffy fiber used for removing makeup and manufacturing textile. But Cotton is more than clothing and makeup remover.

Its seed, also known as Cottonseed or Gossypium, is perhaps the most valuable part of the crop when it comes to health. After the fibers have been stripped out, the mature kernels are pressed to create oil.

Due to its high nutritional content, cottonseed oil is used as food for livestock, fertilizers, cooking oil, salad dressing, and cosmetic ingredient. An excellent source of Protein and Essential Fatty Acids, it doesn’t surprise us that many salon products are including this magical ingredient in their formulas.

Benefits of Cotton Protein to the Hair

Boosts the Scalp’s Immunity

oway-hcolorThink of your hair as plant, and the scalp as the soil. The scalp is where the hair gets all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong. So when the scalp is weak, all sorts of hair issues spring up.

Cotton Protein is made up of 35% oleic acid and 50% linoleic acid, fatty acids known for building up the scalp’s protective barrier.1 This helps boost its immunity against irritants, bacteria, and other external aggressors that trigger the scalp to go haywire.

Strengthens Hair

Most of our hair issues are caused by internal problems, such as bad scalp conditions and low blood circulation. One amazing thing about Cotton Protein is that it addresses problems straight from the root.

With the help of its nourishing properties like Vitamin E and linoleic acid, Cotton Protein stimulates blood circulation in the scalp, increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients fundamental to hair strength and growth to the follicles. This action invigorates the follicles and promotes stronger, thicker hair. So if you have weak tresses but still want color, choosing a hair dye that contains Cotton Protein is recommended. Oway Hcolor is formulated with this ingredient, along with other nourishing oils.

Fights off Free Radicals

Free radicals are molecules that contain an unshared electron present in all living bodies as well as the environment.2 When these free radicals become unstable, the electrons react rapidly to oxygen, causing cellular damage and oxidative stress. This eventually results in hair damage and thinning.

An additional benefit that we can reap from Cotton Protein is its high tocopherol content.3 Tocopherols are naturally occurring antioxidants that fight off free radicals and relieve the hair and scalp of oxidative stress.

Increases Hair Luster

We’ve all heard about Ceramides and how it helps give the hair that enviable shine. Ceramides are lipids naturally present in the hair cuticle. They bind the cuticles and keep them in place, giving the strands that “healthy hair” sheen. Without them, the hair dries out, which can lead to damage.

Cotton Protein has high ceramides concentration of 54%, so many people with chemically treated hair turn to Cotton Protein to restore their hair’s natural shine. The ceramides in Cotton Protein flattens the cuticles, closing the door to external aggressors and potential damage.


Hnectar-OwayIf you’re looking for a gentle, Cotton-Protein infused hair color, we recommend trying Oway Hnectar, an organic nectar hair color that leaves the hair looking silky smooth after the treatment.

Protects Hair from Heat Damage

If you’re looking for a natural heat protectant, Cotton Protein is your best bet. It’s one of the few natural oils that can withstand high heat. Cotton Protein has a smoke point of about 450F, which makes it the perfect heat styling buddy.

Who knew Cotton can be so good for you?


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ILLIPE BUTTER BENEFITS: The Plant Butter for Dry, Damaged Hair


With increasing humidity comes unruly hair, and the only way to fight the frizz is to look for hair treatments that will help the hair retain more moisture and increase its manageability. Because of this, hair care products have recently been incorporating plant butters in their formulations. While natural butters like Kukui and Shea are well regarded for their nourishing properties, there is another plant butter that provides the same hair care benefits.

Illipe Butter is a vegetable fat derived from the nut of Shorea stenoptera tree, a plant endemic to the jungles of Southeast Asia. Because of its high fatty acid content and vitamin profile, it brings a lot of benefits to the hair and scalp, making it one of the most sought after plant butters in the world.

Benefits of Illipe Butter to the Hair

Restores Hair Elasticity

Oway-Hcatalyst-Illipe-ButterHair elasticity is a great indicator of hair health. Healthy hair can stretch around 30% (when wet) of its length and return to its normal state without breaking. If not, it either means the hair is lacking protein or moisture, or a mix of both.

To restore the hair’s elasticity, it needs a moisturizer with high fatty acid content – and Illipe Butter has this and more. Aside from containing linoleic acid, it is also a natural emollient. Thus, it can effectively penetrate the hair shaft and fill in empty spaces in the hair. As a result, the hair becomes stronger and healthier.

Before coloring hair, we recommend doing the Wet Stretch Test to determine the health of the hair and using Oway Hcatalyst for lightening services. Its gentle formulations, which include Illipe Butter, can reduce the degeneration of skin cells and restore elasticity to the hair fiber.

Prevents Hair Loss

Losing hair is one of the scariest things that can happen to anyone. To prevent hair loss, the body needs a good amount of vitamin F, also known as linoleic acid – an essential fatty acid that protects the hair from lipid imbalance and skin irritations. Without linoleic acid, the scalp becomes susceptible to dermatitis and, eventually, hair loss.

Dermatitis causes the scalp to itch and flake, making it a very unfriendly place for hair growth. This causes the hair to weaken and fall out. Illipe Butter is packed full of linoleic acid that reverses the damage caused by dermatitis. Illipe Butter melts in contact with the skin, so the nutrients are quickly absorbed by the scalp, curbing further skin proliferation and hair loss.

Repairs Damaged Hair

Illipe Butter is a hard butter that contains powerful antioxidants. These antioxidants help repair damaged hair by washing away free radicals and chemicals that are causing the hair to dry out and break. This is why many people prefer using Illipe Butter as hair mask to treat over-processed hair.

Hydrates the Scalp & Hair

Wondering what makes the hair silky smooth? It’s not in the product we use but it’s in the scalp environment. Dry and unhealthy scalp can result in various hair and skin issues that can worsen if left untreated. From parched hair to burning scalp, these problems can be prevented if properly nourished and hydrated.

Illipe Butter is high in Vitamins A and E, which are known to soothe and hydrate the scalp and hair. They help stimulate the production of healthy sebum and shield the hair and scalp from external aggressors to keep the hair from drying out and breaking off.


Reinforces Scalp’s Lipid Barrier

Hcolor-Organic-IngredientsIt may not seem like it, but our scalp is always hard at work – producing natural oils, constantly renewing skin cells, and fighting off free radicals and bacteria. So it’s necessary that the scalp’s barrier remains strong and stable. Otherwise, external aggressors can easily penetrate the scalp, creating potential problems.

Illipe Butter is rich in unsaturated fatty acids oleic and linoleic acids that help protect the scalp by building up its surface layer.1 This keeps irritants and bacteria from passing through, resulting in more resilient skin.

This makes Oway Hcolor highly suited for people with sensitive skin. The Illipe Butter and other nourishing plant botanicals in this organic hair color not only gives the hair gorgeous color and shine, but it’s also gentle for even the most delicate skin.

With such magnificent benefits, it only makes sense that hair care products are including Illipe Butter in the ingredients list. Have you ever tried this fabulous plant butter yourself?


1Mogos, T et. al. (1994). The hair levels of unsaturated fatty acids (oleic, linoleic, and linolenic) indicators of the lipid metabolic balance. Available:

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Even Wal-Mart Is Demanding Safer Beauty Products – Shouldn’t You?


When a common consumer store like Wal-Mart is demanding safer beauty products, you know times are a-changin’ and for the better!

Wal-Mart has asked their suppliers to remove 8 chemicals believed to have “certain properties that can affect human health or the environment.” This request is all too telling and represents a new wave in clean beauty – one we’ve been crusading for since 2001!

Let’s explore which harmful chemicals made the list!

Wal-Mart Eliminates 8 Controversial Chemicals From Products


  • Propylparaben – an inexpensive preservative found in many shampoos, conditioners and personal care products.

  • Butylparaben – another type of inexpensive preservative commonly found in cosmetics.

    In 2008, a study on women with breast cancer found parabens in 98% of breast tissue tested. Parabens are thought to mimic estrogen in the human body, causing an imbalance of hormones and damage to the human endocrine system.


  • Diethyl phthalate – an ingredient used to increase flexibility of plastic bottles.

  • Dibutyl phthalate – another plasticizer used to make plastic bottles more flexible.

    Just like parabens, phthalates are known human endocrine disruptors. What’s worse? Many of your current plastic shampoo and conditioner bottles are made with these harmful chemicals. Phthalates leach estrogen-mimickers into your products, which are readily absorbed by your body when applied to the skin or scalp.


  • Formaldehyde – recognized as a known human carcinogen (cancer-causing ingredient) by WHO (World Health Organization) and IARC (International Agency For Research on Cancer). Remember all of the controversy surrounding keratin treatments using formaldehyde as an active ingredient? Let’s make sure that stays out of our products.

  • Triclosan – a synthetic chemical used in shampoos and conditioners as an anti-bacterial agent. Just like phthalates and parabens, this ingredient also disrupts the delicate hormone balance of humans.

  • Toluene – a colorless liquid found in nail polish and fragrance that has been linked to nervous system damage.


How did Wal-Mart choose which toxic ingredients to AVOID?

The Environmental Defense Fund advised them to identify harmful chemicals that had significant science backing.

Not only is Wal-Mart rewarding those who remove these chemicals from their products, they are requiring transparency. For those companies refusing to eradicate these targeted chemicals, they will be forced to add them to their warning labels by 2018.

Note: Since phthalates are not in the product itself (but rather the plastic container), many companies get away without listing them in their ingredients list.

Luckily, that’s all about to change.

While this is a giant leap in the right direction, we shouldn’t stop here. Keep demanding safer products and more transparency from these companies.

Especially in the professional beauty industry, as our vertical is even less regulated than the consumer market.

Tell us what other ingredients you hope get exposed next in the comments!

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4 Amazing Benefits of Bio-Rich Water


Nestled away in the green hills of Bologna, Italy is OrtOfficina. This is the Organic Way’s 50,000 sqm of family-owned, biodynamic farmland where 12 types of medicinal plants are harvested without the use of chemicals, solvents or machinery.

After these precious botanicals are handpicked, they are steam distilled  without any chemicals, and transformed into 100% pure organic essential oils. These precious essential oils become the active ingredients and all natural fragrance in Oway products.

But did you know the remaining water from the steam distillation is packed full of nutrients? This extraordinary water is known as Hydrolates –  it’s the heart and soul powering our Bio-Rich Water.


What are Hydrolates?

Hydrolates are active waters, deeply infused with soluble plant extracts, making it rich in benefits.

They’re excellent invigorators of the mind, body and hair as they boast refreshing, moisturizing, decongestant and astringent properties.

Instead of casting away this precious water, Oway has harnessed it’s amazing properties to create Bio Rich Water – a versatile spray that can be used in these 4 unique ways:


Great for hydrating hair and increasing combability, this spray can replace your leave-in conditioner or detangler. And when you are looking for a something to rewet the hair with while you are cutting, look no further!

Your sectioning will be spot on as this spray smoothes the rough scales of the hair down for sleek and hydrated strands that are easy to guide and manipulate.

Cutting will be a breeze!


Not only does this light, fragrant spray envelope you in it’s subtle floral and citrus scents, but it seals the cuticle down to protect you from any unpleasant smells that might intrude.

Everyday pollutants like cooking fumes and smoke typically absorb quickly in the hair and are extremely hard to get out or cover up. Spray Bio-rich Water into hair daily before going out and keep hair freshness protected all day.

This can also be sprayed all over the skin after showering for the same effect from head to toe.


Bio-rich Water makes for the perfect setting spray for makeup applications. As described above, this lotion creates a barrier between your skin and the outside world, so it’s an excellent way to keep your skin safe from any makeup that could potentially be absorbed.

It will also help your newly painted face to last longer, without dripping, smudging, or smearing. Spray directly on skin after cleansing and before applying any powders or concealers.


Bio-rich Water is not just a great way to freshen your locks but also use it to refresh your space. It has the power to neutralize unwanted odors and leaves a light natural scent behind. Take advantage of this feature by spraying the air around your client during their service, especially while they are relaxing with color or a treatment.

This completes the spa-like feel of the Oway experience.

How do you use Oway’s Bio-Rich Water? Share below!

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