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Your client’s ready for a color change, but what are you going to do with those extensions?

In this article, we walk you through the consultation and process of coloring extensions on a real-life client. You’ll see just how we transformed her unruly strands into a shiny masterpiece with Oway’s Hcolor!

(And of course, we’ll reveal our best tips on how to color hair extensions)!


Step 1: Learn More About The Extensions

Consultation is key. Learn the following about your client’s extensions:

  • Which extension brand?
  • Have they been colored before?
  • When were the extensions applied?
  • Are the extensions in good condition?
  • What is the tone and level of the extensions?

In our case, this client had her extensions in for one week. She purchased them from Sally’s (Satin Strands Premium brand) and they were in acceptable condition to color.

Step 2: Choosing the Correct Color


After you’ve learned the history of the extensions and assessed their health, you should continue your normal color consultation. Our client wanted to slightly tone the highlights to appear more natural, but also desired longer lasting results.

We chose Oway’s Hcolor in 7.31 (Dark Beige Blonde) and mixed with HCatalyst (20v) in a 1:1 ratio.

Note: Most extensions turn more ash than expected – this should be taken into consideration during your formulation.

Step 3: Application & Processing Time


Whether you’re applying color to extensions on the head or removed, it’s important to use enough color to saturate the hair. Depending on the desired results (semi or permanent), you’ll want to choose the correct developer and process for the right amount of time (you may opt to visually check on them every 5-10 minutes).

In our client’s case, we chose our Oway Butter Developer (20 vol) to ensure a thorough deposit on the extensions, and processed for 35 mins (uncovered and no heat).

Step 4: The Final Results!


Once our client was done processing, we shampooed with Organic Way Hbalance Shampoo and conditioned with Hbalance Mask. Both are a part of Oway’s Hsystem – a completely holistic approach to professional hair services.

We blow dried and finished with Oway’s Glossy Nectar, which is rich in restorative organic ingredients like black quinoa and aamala.

Hair by: Erin Bayne, Simply Organic Beauty Technical Adviser

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