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Lighting can transform hair.

[This is the second part of our Consulting Spaces series. The first was on Color.]

A room is like a stage. If you see it without lighting, it can be the coldest place in the world. – Paul Lynde

It’s impossible to put too much emphasis on lighting because of it’s drastic effects on hair color. An excess of fluorescent lighting will make blonde look green and red look brown. Incandescent light can make blonde look reddish because of it’s warm nature. Even 100% natural lighting will distort hair colors, making blonde look red. These effects are because of the blueish, cool nature of fluorescent and the warm nature of incandescent and natural lighting.

I recommend an equal amount of each lighting to fight these distortions. That is 1/3 fluorescent, 1/3 incandescent, and 1/3 natural lighting. Although not exact, this might look something like fluorescent general lighting overhead while having incandescent halogen spotlights for each chair. If you have large windows, be sure to maximize the amount of light being allowed in.

Next up: Atmosphere!

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