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[This is the third part of Consulting Spaces. If you’d like to begin from the beginning go to Part 1: Color.]

Previously we’ve talked about making clients feel welcome. This is just as important for a consultation as a regular appointment. The consultation environment must be designed to make clients feel welcome, but also stress free.

Be sure to make the space quiet so you can have a conversation without straining your voice. This doesn’t mean don’t play music. Often soft, relaxing music can add to the experience.

Have water, coffee, and tea available. It’s even better if you can serve them the drink. I recommend having a healthy snack available as well. Also, have magazines and swatchbooks to help with the consultation.

Seating is important here: make sure to be sitting in front of the client. People feel uneasy if you’re leaning over their shoulder or sitting right next to them.

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