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Spring has finally arrived, and that only means it’s time to head out and enjoy the warm weather. But as the days grow longer and the temperature rises, we need to protect ourselves from the harsh effects of UV exposure and other external aggressors. We rounded up a list of must-have beauty essentials to help you enjoy a guilt-free spring and summer.


Oway Sunway Sun Protective Elixir

Oway-Sunway-KitNew hair color? Make it last by spraying Oway Sunway Sun Protective Elixir on your hair before going out. This light spray contains UV filters that form an invisible shield against extreme heat, saltwater, chlorine, and sand – the biggest culprits of dry, damaged hair.

Why It’s Good for You: It contains organic Baobab, fair-trade Passionfruit, and Avocado oils, which are known for their antioxidant and nourishing properties. They protect the hair against harmful elements, penetrate deep into the hair shaft, and form a protective layer to seal the cuticle and lock in moisture.


Oway Sunway After-Sun Body Balm

Long hours of sun exposure can lead to various skin issues, like sunburn and fine lines. Applying a protective sunscreen or moisturizer before AND after heading out can go a long way in protecting the skin and reversing any damage. Oway Sunway After-Sun Body Balm relieves and repairs the skin’s structure to a healthier, wrinkle-free state.

Why It’s Good for You: Oway After-Sun Body Balm’s key ingredients are notable for their skin-regenerating properties. Organic Avocado Oil and biodynamic Green Anise are packed with antioxidants that form a barrier against free radicals targeting cellular DNAs, while grapestone and olive oil prevent signs of aging from appearing.

Moroccan Organics – Macadamia Oil Treatment

Extreme temperatures can cause the hair to become frizzy, and chemically processed hair is more prone to it. When it’s not addressed right away, it can lead to breakage and split ends. We recommend Moroccan Organics’ Macadamia Oil Treatment, which is specifically made for dry and chemically processed hair.

Why It’s Good for You: Macadamia oil is a popular ingredient in skin care and cosmetics due to its reconstructive and hydrating properties. It is rich in Squalene, an antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress on the scalp by preventing moisture from escaping.


O&M Seven-Day Miracle Moisture Masque

So you’re packing for a week-long island getaway, and you think nothing can go wrong. You might be thinking, saltwater can’t be that bad.


While salt indeed has detoxifying properties, overexposure leaches out not just hair color, but also moisture from the hair causing it to lose more water and become brittle – and when we add prolonged sun exposure, it results in heavily damaged hair. To restore the health of your hair, you need an intense moisture mask like O&M Seven-Day Miracle Moisture Masque.Original-Mineral-Seven-Day-Miracle-Moisture-Masque

Why It’s Good for You: It contains a unique blend of nature’s best oils: Macadamia Seed Oil, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sunflower Oil, and Almond Oil – which are all widely used for repairing damaged hair. The mask is also rich in vitamins essential for building tissue and encouraging hair growth.


Luma Lisse Cucumber Clarifying Rinse

Exposing our skin to harsh elements can strip it of its natural oils and moisture. When this happens, our skin goes into overdrive and produces more oil than it should. As a result, we get not just oily skin but also – gasp – acne breakouts. To control the skin’s oil production, a gentle facial cleanser is much needed. Luma Lisse Cucumber Clarifying Rinse gently removes impurities and controls overactive sebaceous glands so it only produces enough sebum to keep the skin hydrated.

Why It’s Good for You: Luma Lisse Cucumber Clarifying Rinse is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties derived from natural ingredients, such as cucumber, rosemary, peppermint, and lavender. They help calm irritation as well as effectively reduce the appearance of acne, blemishes, and age spots.


Oway De-Stress Tonic Potion

Toning is a must if you want to make sure there are no traces of dirt left on the skin after cleansing. Oway De-Stress Tonic Potion is a soothing skin toner that gently sloughs off dead skin cells while nourishing the skin with its unique blend of organic botanicals like Echinacea, Walnut, and Violet Rice.

Why It’s Good for You: The toner is infused with Alpine Skullcap, an ingredient that’s clinically proven to increase endorphins, leading you to feel happier and more relaxed.


Oway Radiance Face Balm Kit

oway-radiance-face-balm-kitApplying moisturizer and boosters after toning and cleansing offers a ton of benefits. Keeping the skin hydrated allows it to function better, not to mention delay aging. Oway Radiance Face Balm Kit contains a moisturizer and a couple of boosters that help the skin produce more collagen, the skin’s underlying support structure.

Why It’s Good for You: The Radiance Face Balm Kit is made from 98.8% natural ingredients, so you get all the wonderful skin benefits nature has to offer.

What are the spring beauty essentials you can’t live without?

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