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Dear Clients: Changing Client Conversations & Empowering Beauty Professionals


In the beauty industry, clients are constantly surrounded by misinformation circulated through the internet and social media, leading to all sorts of transparency issues within the salon community. This misinformation has lead clients to having unrealistic or unattainable expectations because they are unaware of the extensive process, time, and cost to achieve their desired look.

The lack of transparency not only promotes the spread of false assumptions, but also results in clients making uninformed decisions. As a salon professional, it’s inevitable that you will need to have this conversation with your client. And we all know how difficult that can be, a fact that Co-founder and CEO of GlossGenius, Danielle Cohen-Shohet shares.

In hopes of igniting change to client conversations, GlossGenius created Dear Clients as a movement to empower beauty professionals to bring transparency and visibility to their clients. The goal of the Dear Clients initiative is to help stylists shed light on topics that they may otherwise choose to avoid or feel uncomfortable discussing with clients  in the form of a letter. To submit your letter, fill out the form here.

Stylists Breaking Barriers



Breaking the barrier between expectation versus reality can build a sense of understanding and trust between the client and stylist. Meredith Blake, aka balanced balayage, provided her clients with a letter of reassurance for when coming into her salon. For clients, this boost may be just what they need to hear before tackling a new transformation. This is a perfect example of how submissions to Dear Clients are not a limited discussion. Not only is her letter beneficial for her clients, her post can inspire salon professionals to develop a deeper connection with their clients. 



Hairstylist, Kelsey Morris, also shed light on an important topic – COST. Pricing can be a sensitive subject for clients, but providing them with this necessary information could save them from entering into a process they cannot maintain.

These are just a few of the many submissions from salon professionals who have made their contribution to this growing movement. By joining the Dear Clients initiative, you can play an important role in bringing visibility and transparency back to the beauty industry. This community thrives off the support of one another, so it’s time for you to speak out and get inspired. Share your letter here.

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