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Could strange allergy symptoms be caused by visits to your hairdresser? Eczema, watery eyes, coughing, scalp burns? If you have ever had strange allergy symptoms after seeing your hairdresser, you may have had an allergic reaction to ammonia.

Most hair coloring products contain ammonia, a harsh chemical used in explosives, fertilizers, and the production of plastics. The side effects of ammonia inhalation range from mild eye and upper respiratory inflammation to severe respiratory distress and pulmonary edema. But could ammonia contribute to skin problems like eczema?

Stacy Long, a professional hairstylist, found out the hard way that they could.

Ms. Long has eczema. Her job as a hairstylist seemed to be aggravating the condition. It was so bad that her doctor even told her to switch professions. Not wanting to change jobs, she searched for another solution.

Organic Color Systems provided the answer. A remarkable new hair product used only in salons, it reduces the allergen component of hair color and permanent products without compromising on results.  In fact, according to Hilton Bell, the distributor of Organic Color Systems in the U.S.,  it produces better results than the leading ammonia-based products.

“Organic Color Systems is in a form that is  predictable, causes no scalp or skin staining, and preserves the life, richness, and shine of hair. OCS’ staying power is greater than ammonia and ammonia-substitute based alternatives; the fade factor is virtually eliminated, and it covers grey beautifully.” (more…)

So why would anyone continue to use the old products when such a revolutionary new method of hair coloring is available?

The answer for some hairdressers may lie in their nervousness about trying new things. OCS’ products require a different method than what most people were taught in beauty school. It has a gentler formula that requires heat to open the cuticle. Professional hairstylists need to learn the techniques before using it. Luckily this product is even easier to use than ammonia-based products.

The techniques are not hard to learn, according to Hilton Bell. He offers seminars and classes on using the products and states that problems usually stem from the hairstylist’s misuse of the product.

“I’ve discovered that every time a hairdresser has had a problem with Organic Color Systems they have done something other than following the procedure relevant to that head of hair or situation. The people that have had the most success with Organic Color Systems have followed the standard procedures and understand the rules in play.”

Those who have had problems with hair products irritating their skin, eyes, throat, or lungs, could benefit from switching to Organic Color Systems. And those with worse reactions like eczema may find the condition diminishes. With better color retention, less hair damage, and reduced allergens, what’s not to like?

You can ask your hair dresser to switch to a safer and less allergic producing product.

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  1. my boyfriend have eczema and he would always complain about how itchy it was. fortunately, the doctor gave him corticosteroid cream and it stopped the itchiness.

  2. Matthew Pinto

    The Soothe Plus range from Organic Care Systems, with its Treatment, Shampoo and Conditioner is made for sensitive scalps. Especially ones that suffer from the above mentioned conditions. More info is located here:


  3. Tammy

    i am a hairdresser that has been in 25 yrs and have eczema doctor told me it was my salon products i am going to give this a try

  4. i suffer from Eczema and what i do is just take as much vitamins A, C and E supplements plus some topical corticosteroid to remedy the itch.

  5. Most allergies can be treated by corticosteroids and also some antihistamine blockers.:;*

  6. to treat my allergies, i just take in some antihistamines like claritin;*-

  7. i really hated eczema because it does not look good and it is sometimes very itchy*’.

  8. i hate may allergies coz they turn my skin red and i sneeze a lot-~”

  9. Eyelet Curtains

    allergies can be a menacing sickness specially if you get stuffy nose and rashes all overy your body each day `,-

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