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This month, our Educator Spotlight is on Karla Marabello of Kbello Organic Hair. Her salon in Midland Park, New Jersey is a product of hard work, determination, and genuine passion for providing her clients a toxin-free salon experience. No wonder why this incredible lady is already at the top of her game at such a young age.

We’re excited for you to get to know Karla more.

Read her interview below!

What gives you motivation and inspiration in your salon business?

I have found motivation and inspiration through my clients. I want to be able to provide them with not only the service and products they need, but also what they want. I find that there are so many people who desire a healthier salon environment and better-quality products. Many of my clients have had health issues, including allergies, or simply enjoy living a natural and healthy lifestyle, which has led them to be more aware of the chemicals in standard hair products. Because I enjoy a healthy lifestyle myself, I feel connected to my clients in more ways than one. I feel responsible to guide them to the best hair care alternatives to meet their desires and to provide a clean air salon experience, free of toxins, and harmful products.


What are some helpful ideas for others starting out with OWAY and O&M products?

Be sure to listen to your clients’ feedback. They know what they want and what they like, and it’s up to us to deliver that. OWAY and O&M are two outstanding luxury haircare lines that have held their service and the ingredients they use to high standards to provide top quality results. It’s okay to start slow. A small intro package is a great way to explore the products yourself before introducing clients to a new hair care line. If you believe in the products you are providing, your clients will too.

What made you interested you in getting involved in this industry?

I really have to say “hairdressing” picked me. I’ve been doing hair since I was a kid. I was always playing with my sister’s hair and blowing out my mom’s hair, and I would do my friends’ hair for occasions. I also have family members who have been in the industry for years. What I was really drawn to was the people. I wanted to learn from people and their experiences and be able to share knowledge, both emotional and textbook. I truly enjoy connecting with my clients.

What advice would you share with others wanting to market themselves in the holistic/organic lifestyle?

Choosing to become a holistic hairstylist and owning an organic salon has been the most rewarding experience of my entire career for many reasons, one being the relief for many clients that there is an alternative option for them. We have come a long way to be able to call hair color organic, but the fact is we still need certain chemicals and ingredients for color to perform at a professional level. The holistic/organic market is huge and there are many clients to reach but be prepared with your facts and know your product ingredients because today’s clients are educated.

What is your favorite hair type to work with and why?

I would say my favorite hair type is a medium thickness, wavy with a little texture because it is easiest to manipulate and will hold a variety of styles.

Any favorite products that you just can’t live without?


I love Oway Glossy Nectar for a smooth and shiny quick blowout with a little Oway Volumizing Root Spray for fullness. For a final touch, I set my style with Oway Sculpting Mist (love this liquid styling spray!). It is so versatile and can be used with a spritz or two for light hold or layered for a strong hold. Bonus: It combs out so easy without any flake! O&M Know Knott is also a must-have for detangling and is an excellent foundation product. I also can’t live without a little O&M Surf Bomb in my life.

What do you enjoy in your spare time?

In my spare time I enjoy quiet time, taking in fresh air outdoors, catching up with friends and family, and I try to get to a yoga class as often as possible. I also love to shop for anything from clothes, shoes, food, products, and home décor. I probably spend way too much time at Home Goods.

What do you love most about educating other Holistic Hair Tribe members or new members?

I love meeting like-minded professionals. We can all learn so much from each other through our experiences and help create new ones for each other as well. Unfortunately, the Holistic Hair Tribe is still small, but growing by the day. I love being able to introduce people to something they didn’t know about before and seeing some of the “Aha” moments when they realize it is possible to have professional results without toxic ingredients.


What is your next step in your career as an educator and stylist?

I am currently focused on building my staff at my 3-year young salon and looking for professionals interested in holistic and organic hair care to join my team. It has been quite a journey and my business is growing daily. I want to continue to provide a healthy and positive haircare experience to my current clientele and to welcome new clients along the way. I would also like to expand on product offerings to body care, health and beauty. I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds for growing companies like OWAY and O&M as well.

See some of Karla’s work with Oway and O&M below.

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