Educator Spotlight: Robert Sapienza

Hair cutting is an art and skill that any hairdresser can develop. With the right technique and ample practice, you can master any hair cut your clients want, just like our Educator of the Month.

Robert Sapienza is the lead cutter and stylist at Ka’ton Salon in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. On February 10th, he will be sharing his cutting and styling techniques, as well as health and body form tips to a long career behind the chair. Learn more about Rob’s Holistic Cutting and Styling Class in Tampa Bay, FL.

Get to know Rob!


Can you tell us a little about your experience getting into the hair industry?

I attended the Aveda Institute Las Vegas while still performing professionally with Cirque Du Soleil and other shows in Las Vegas. After an injury, I chose to go full time into the hair industry and never looked back.

Who are your mentors? Do you have anyone that you look up to?

Daniel Holzberger is my mentor and happy to call ‘friend’. His passion and talent for cutting hair and his ability to translate it to others is a gift. 

How did hair cutting become your specialty?

I chose Hair Cutting while working for the Van Michael Salon group and specialized with advanced education. Eventually, it became my passion.

What advice would you give to someone starting off in this trade who wants to specialize in hair cutting?

Continuing education is key.


All of these play a role in creating a “look” for someone that will truly fit them. Our clients should wear their hair, not the other way around. Never be afraid to say NO.

What got you interested in the holistic hair/ lifestyle?

Fitness and health have always been in my life. It was a natural progression.

How do you try to incorporate holistic rituals in your salon? In your own life?

At Ka’ton Salon, we pride ourselves on having a fully clean air salon, utilizing the Oway experiences and rituals.

Do you have any advice for salons and stylists who want to switch to a more organic/sustainable line?

Think of it as just changing lanes on an icy road.  The road is the same but one lane is healthier, faster and cleaner.


What is your favorite part of our profession?

Being able to create a look specific to an individual that will bring them joy.

Where do you see yourself down the line, career-wise?

Growth and Happiness is all I ask for the rest will come.




Witness Rob in action on February 10, 2019 in Tampa Bay, FL. The Holistic Cutting and Styling Class will center on 3 FOCAL POINTS:

Cutting Techniques with Two Unique, Versatile Designs

[1] Breaking the Bob: Break the classic bob haircut down to strong graduation techniques with tailor made shapes to suit a client’s individual lifestyle, texture and facial features.

[2] Freedom Through Weight Removal: Shatter the rules of haircutting by removing weight in a creative and stylish way through strong graduation.

Oway + O&M Styling Product Knowledge

Learn the differences between these two top-notch non-toxic styling lines, as well as in-depth styling cocktails applicable to a variety of looks. We’ll also deep dive into the ingredients, pH, hold and shine factors of each product through a prep, style and finish lens.

Holistic Health & Body Form

Get back to the basics of proper hand, arm and full body positioning alignment that will ensure the longevity of your creative career and overall health.