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This month, the spotlight is on Simply Organic Beauty Educator Roberta Rae Dudzik. Being part of the hairdressing industry for more than 30 years, Roberta went from a chair renter to a full-fledged salon owner with her passion as her fuel. She now owns Relax Organic Salon, a holistic hair salon in Washington, Pennsylvania. Today, she shares with us the inspiring lessons she’s learned throughout her career.

Read her interview below!

Who inspires you in creating new looks?

I feel my fellow stylists inspire me most in creating new looks.  We are never too experienced to learn something from everyone we interact with every day. I always keep an open mind and heart to welcome in all that is new around me. Even after 34 years in the business, I’m still always enthusiastic about going to work and creating beauty in people’s lives. I genuinely love what I do. It’s never work to me, it’s my passion.

Tell us a little about your salon and what makes it unique.

My salon was created by divine inspiration during a meditation. I traveled a path of spiritual development of self. During this one weekend I was blessed with the information that I was to combine that of which I knew, hair, with that of which I was learning, self-transformation. I had the thought, “How can one create a place of self-transformation alongside hair salon services?” The seed was planted and in the next four years I created Relax Organic Salon, a different experience.

From the moment you walk in the door you are encompassed by a warm welcoming energy that fills the space as well as your soul. Our guests immediately feel welcomed and comfortable even before a service is done. I’ve set my intention that everyone who enters Relax Organic Salon has an experience of transformation, not only on the outside but also on the inside. It’s always wonderful to see and feel the changes taking place each day. I feel blessed for being able to share my salon with all who cross our path.


What is one of your most significant accomplishments as a salon professional?

The first most significant accomplishment for me was when I was 24 and was told by my peers about a contest I entered in our salon that my model was ugly and I would never win. I didn’t listen and did it anyway. My model was chosen and I was offered to do a photo shoot. The model and work were published in the international magazine Passion. I then became one of the International design team members for the salon I worked for at the time.  All because I chose to believe in myself and my work. That was a huge turning point for me. So many of us choose to listen to the opinions of others when the only one we should listen to is ourselves.

If you could pick any one person to sit in your chair, who would it be and why?

If I could pick anyone to sit in my chair it would be my mom. My mother passed away of cancer 20 years ago. I know she would have loved the path of life I traveled and would be so proud of my accomplishments, especially my salon. She loved getting her hair done and anytime I needed a model for a class or workshop I could depend on her stepping up to the plate. So there you have it, no fancy celebrities … just good ol’ mom! 😊

What do you love most about educating other salon professionals for Simply Organic Beauty?


I love educating other salon professionals about Simply Organic Beauty because it offers a new way of being. The company stands behind the products and their performance 100%. Other salon professionals need to be aware of the cleaner options and the toxicity of our salon as a whole so that they can make the change. Many beauty professionals have no clue what their occupation is doing to their health or the health of their client and the environment. I’m here to change salons for the better. One person, one salon, one community at a time.

What is your next step in life as a stylist?

My next step as a salon professional is to open more salons with the holistic approach to the salon experience. I also want to be the number one educator in the US for the head spa salons and experience.

How do you unwind after a long day in the salon?

I unwind after a long day at work with gratitude in my heart that I am busy enough to call it a long day and then I humbly shut off the lights and lock my doors. My home is very close to the salon. When I get home, I change in to my pajamas and usually retreat to bed and read. Yeah, real exciting I know. I’ve been doing this too long to go out and have drinks after a long day. If it’s an early day and I’m home before eight, I will eat dinner, maybe watch TV or just relax. I have created a space in my salon that is very conducive to relaxing, even for the stylist. So if I’ve truly had a long day it would be because a client wasn’t happy and that does not happen very often! I am truly blessed to have an amazing group of stylists that work for our Salon. I love what I do and have created a salon that is a home away from home.

Do you have a favorite formula and what it might be?

I do not have a favorite formula. I feel as though every guest is different, so every formula is different. I try not to use the same formula on different guests. I create the formulas to personalize it for each individual. That’s what makes us artists, right? We never create a masterpiece that is the same. People are not prints we duplicate, they are each a canvas of beauty we have the opportunity to create upon. I feel as artists if we can remember this, our guest will never get bored with us because the canvas will evolve as the relationship with us evolves through the years. Be an artist not a copy of one.

What is your favorite styling product or cocktail?

I love all of the products by OWAY. I enjoy mixing different products together each time so my guest doesn’t get bored. I have the opportunity to see what each product cocktail can do every time I style a client.  My favorites to use on everyone are Thermal Stress Protector for the hold level of four and protection from the hot tools, and the Glossy Nectar for the shine and fact it cuts the drying time down to half.  There are so many combinations of product mixture I use daily and I’m still always experimenting with each guest, every time they come in the salon.


How do you create your best work?

I create my best work by being grounded and centered daily, making sure I am well rested and nourished and most of all knowing and being grateful that I have the opportunity to be an artist every day loving what I do and that my clients trust me to create a look that is just for them. I am blessed to do what I love and live my passion so I always try and create my best work with everyone.

Check out her amazing works with Oway below!

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