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At Simply Organic, we take pride in having a tribe of educators and stylists who share our passion for providing safe and natural beauty products that work. This month, we are honored to feature Simply Organic Educator, Stephanye Davis. She’s one of the educators who tirelessly offer their expertise in our OWAY Holistic Hair Stylist Forum. She will also be teaching at our Train the Trainer event next week, so we chatted with her and got to know her a little bit more. Check out her interview below!

Tell us about yourself! Who inspired you to become part of the beauty industry?

I was initially drawn to our industry for the family flexiblity and “express yourself” spirit. It is because of industry leaders like Carsten Wilmes, Vidal Sassoon, Horst Rechelbacher, and Kevyn Aucoin that inspired me to continue learning and to create both art and experience behind the chair. I truly love how they used precision and strategic placement for cut and color to create artistic effects. These artists inspired me to work hard at my craft and become the best artist I knew I could be.

Today, I find my inspiration in the artists I meet every day. They challenge me to continue to think out of the box in my classes. When I see the light bulb go off in one of my learners, it immediately makes every second leading up to that moment worth it! I become inspired watching the enthusiasm and confidence build within an artist.

Do you have any tips for someone that is just starting out with the OWAY line?

Take lots of pictures as you are transitioning your guests into OWAY. You and your client will see and feel a difference in the hair fabric every time you color treat them. The pictures are great visual testimonies and color inspirations!

Use the OWAY Holistic Hairstylist Forum on Facebook. This page is wonderful to the OWAY community all over the world! A new OWAY user can find file materials to help in their transition while getting immediate answers from live artists and OWAY users. It’s an amazing tool that artists can use every day.

Outside of work, what are your main goals in life?


I want to continue to aid in a greener industry through Technical Education and Salon Support. I have been a Cosmetologist for 23 years and I love that our industry has moved away from the horrible toxins that some of us started out with. I am so thankful we have clean and medicinally based beauty products for new industry artists to begin their careers with. It is up to us to change the beauty myth that harsh chemicals are the only option for results.

I am so blessed that I have an opportunity to share technical knowledge with artists all over the nation. I fully support the lines we carry at Simply Organic. I hope to one day meet more of our salons and artists as they are changing this industry every day with each guest in their chairs. Be on the look out — I am excited to begin featuring some innovative artists throughout the year.

What are some color trends you see for next season?

I am looking forward to seeing more cut-strengthening color movement effects with shades like airy mushroom tones and rich, bright coppers.

What is a go-to product that every salon must have?

My first go-to is Hrestore for your Colorists Stations. I always mist and massage into dry mids and ends before applying my colors. Hrestore allows for more protein within the hair to bond with the micropigments in Hcolor. You are improving the hair integrity with a vegetable protein treatment. Your end result is longer-lasting color balances with improved hair porosity.

My other OWAY must-have is Bio-Rich Water. I have found so many ways to use this hydrolyte. It’s a great mist for a cutting lotion or foundation styling product in the hair. I have also learned that it’s a great cooling body spray and acts as a skin rehydrating toner, and the aromatherapy re-centers myself or my client for a moment. I love to spray this over my client before I begin a shampoo ritual to prepare their mind for a moment of relaxation.


What is your favorite thing to do behind the chair?

My favorite thing to do behind the chair is educating and learning. I learn from my clients as much as they learn from me. I share my knowledge on today’s product technology and trends, while my clients share their ways to live green with me.

Why do you love educating for Simply Organic Beauty Distribution?

I have taught for other product companies before and found that there was little truth behind their words and little support for their educators. I love educating with Simply Organic Beauty Distribution (going into my fourth year) because I trust them. Most of our education team has a passion for cleaner products as much as I do. Most have had similar health journeys which brought us all here. Together, we really are “Changing Salons for the Better,” and I see that every time I walk into a new organic salon. I appreciate the integrity of the products Simply Organic carries and the information we share. They are constantly discovering new technology that supports their mission. Lastly, I appreciate the support they give to their staff, education team, and their salons. If there is ever a question I cannot answer, I know I can trust the information I get from the tech line or forum.

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