Fall/Winter 2013 Hair Color and Style Lookbook

Fall 2013 Hair Trends, Hair Colors, and Hairstyles – what’s next?

Fall is in the ‘hair’!

It’s time to trade in beach towels for boots, lemonades for lattes, and most importantly, summer tangles for fall tresses!

As beauty enthusiasts and salon industry professionals, we have compiled this complete Fall/Winter 2013 Hair Lookbook for you to share with your clients and colleagues.

Fall 2013 Hair Color Trends
Fall 2013 Hair Color #1: Plum Browns!

We predict this will be one of the hottest hair color trends of the Fall and Winter season!

Plum browns, with their gorgeous violet and red undertones, are a great option for your brunette clients who are looking for an edgy, yet professional look. This type of brown is highly customizable, allowing you to use more violet or more red, depending on your client’s desired result.

Celebrities who have successfully pulled off a shade of plum brown are Lana Del Ray and Kelly Osbourne.


Fall 2013 Hair Color #2: Cherry Cola Brown!

With the colder months upon us, try warming up your clients hair with our FR series and Violet and Red Concentrates to achieve this beautiful Cherry Cola Red hair!

The queen of cherry cola hair color is Cheryl Cole (pictured left)! Her olive skin tone paired with this reddish brown hair color is perfect for fall, and is a great model to suggest to your dark hair colored clients looking to add some spice to their hair color!

However, this color is so versatile, feel free to suggest it to your fair-skinned clients, as well!

Fall 2013 Hair Color #3: Copper Reds!

2013 has definitely been the year of the redhead, and this classic color trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down!

If your client’s aren’t looking for a deep fiery red, try suggesting the cinnamon strands of the copper red family!

Copper red hair color is a perfect choice for your fair-skinned clients who may be weighed down with too dark of a red. To achieve a beautifully dimensional copper color, try mixing XBO (Xtra bright orange) for a pop of color with our CR series!

P.S. Our Hairmonics developer is perfect for exposing more warmth, and will give long, lasting results to the “color that is the fasted to fade.”

Fall 2013 Hair Color #4: Butter Blondes!

While fall and winter usually entails most clients opting for darker shades, you will always have those clients who will stay blonde!

This hair color trend is optimal for those clients who love to rock a light blonde year round!

Butter blondes are characterized by their platinum blonde highlights, accentuated with golden yellow pieces. While the upkeep may be a bit more demanding during winter, this is still a very trendy option for those blonde bombshells who love to “light” up a room!

Fall 2013 Hair Color #5: Bronde (Blonde + Brown)!
Fall 2013 Hair Trends


Also known as the perfect combination of brown and blonde hues, bronde is perfect for darker haired clients who want to try out a lighter color, or for those typically blonde clients who desire a darker shade of blonde.

Bronde hair color can take many forms and can have ashy or golden undertones. The best way to achieve the bronde hair color for your clients is to stay lighter through the face and ends with well-blended highlights, creating a subtle ombre look.

Fall 2013 Hair Color #6: Honey Blondes!
Fall 2013 Hair Trends

The perfect middle ground between a butter blonde and a bronde hair color is honey blonde!

Honey blonde hair color was first popularizd by Jennifer Aniston in the mid 2000s and is definitely making another comeback!

Honey blonde hair color is characterized by predominantly warm hues, paired with well-placed, toned highlights. As a cousin of the bronde hair color trend, this look is best achieved with your ombre/balayage technique.

Fall 2013 Hair Color #7: Chocolate Caramel!
Fall 2013 Hair Trends

Perfect for your naturally dark leveled clients, chocolate brown paired with warm copper highlights through the mid shaft and ends is a gorgeous fall hair color.

Consider doing a full head of micro-highlights or a well-blended ombre to achieve this delectable fall beauty. These techniques will also maximize their color service, as regrowth tends to stay darker through the winter months with less sun.

Celebrities that pull this fall hair color off flawlessly are: Jessica Alba, Mila Kunis, and Megan Fox.

Fall 2013 Hair Color #8: Neutral Browns!
Fall 2013 Hair Trends

To really bring hair back to life after a summer of sun and heat, is a dark, rich neutral brown hair color!

No need to add any highlights for this one, this sleek and sexy hair color will draw from summer’s lighter pieces to create a shiny, multidimensional look.

This hair color is perfect for those clients desiring to go darker in fall, and don’t necessarily want warm/copper hues.

Celebs that wear this hair trend perfectly are Jessica Biel and Adriana Lima!

Fall 2013 Hairstyles
Fall 2013 Hair Style #1: Loose Waves
Fall 2013 Hair Trends

We’re not talking beach waves, ladies!

Loose, polished waves are in!

Fall and winter is a time to let your hair shine and not embrace the frizz! Smooth, loose waves can come in all shapes and sizes, and can be worn casually with knitted hats or at formal fall events.

Fall 2013 Hair Style #2: Texturized bobs!
Fall 2013 Haircuts

Although fall is perfect long hair weather, not everyone will opt to keep their locks long.

In come the texturized bobs!

This adorable fall haircut is low maintenance and is complemented by your fall ombre color palette.

Celebs that know how to rock the messy bob are Ashley Greene, Jennifer Lawrence, and ScarJo!

Fall 2013 Hair Style #3: Sleek and Straight!
Fall 2013 Hairstyles

Kiss the hot steamy, humid months of summer goodbye!

Fall and winter are the perfect months to wear sleek, straight hair that lasts all day and radiates shine and health!

Style your clients with an awesome blow dry cream, and send them home with a moisturizing oil to lock in this fall style!

P.S. For a super sophisticated look, pair those polished strands with a deep side or middle part!

Fall 2013 Hair Style #4: Break out the bangs!

Whether they’re straight across or to the side, bangs are always a great addition to any fall or winter style!

Depending on your client’s features and preferences, be sure to recommend the right type of fringe! Wispy or bold bangs can be the difference between a cut that your client loves or hates!

Fall 2013 Hair Style #5: Braids!

Fall is the season for perfect waterfall braids or even a fishtail!

Braided styles that are able to be worn with long (or short) hair will be much sought after this fall!

We hope you found our Fall/Winter 2013 hair trend lookbook to be both informative and inspiring! Are there any popular hair trends for fall that we missed? SHARE!