5 Fall Hair Care Treatments Your Salon Should Have This Fall

5 Must-Have Fall Hair Care Treatments


Seasonal changes can wreak havoc on our hair and scalp. The humidity and air temperatures can be particularly drying, causing hair cuticles to rise and lose moisture. But fear not, because we have all the perfect Fall hair care treatments for your clients’ hair woes right here!

We rounded up the five fall hair care treatments you need to have in your salon to help curb hair and scalp damage and dehydration.

Check out must-have Fall hair care treatments below!

Oway Smoothing Treatment


While cooler temperatures have less adverse effects on the hair than warmer climates, humidity spikes and rain can cause a lot of frizz. When this happens, the cuticles are raised, allowing moisture to escape. Oway Smoothing Treatment uses the nourishing blend of Organic Damask Rose and extracts from Buriti, Ginger Root, Bergamot, and Caraway.

This formula combines all their antioxidant properties to protect the hair from the harsh fall/winter elements that further dehydrate the hair. The natural emollients leave a protective film which helps close the cuticle, adding intense shine and softness to the strands.

Oway Color Protection Treatment

Months of hot weather spent in the harsh sun, chlorinated pools and salt water oceans can lead to super-fading of just done hair color. Make sure clients are armed with the Oway Color Protection Hair Bath and Mask that gently cleanses highlighted or colored hair while also  guarding color from fading.

Ingredients such as Biodynamic Red Vine, Organic Goji Berry, and Fair Trade Kakadu Plum are rich in antioxidants that preserve and protect the hair from free radical damage, oxidation and fading from UV rays.

Original & Mineral Shine Shots

Great for all hair types, the Original & Mineral Shine Shots are exclusive in-salon treatments that turn dry and dull hair into silky, soft hair in an instant.

The Volume + Shine Shot uses Lilly Pilly, a native Australian plant that is high in Vitamin C. This elixir acts like a natural collagen to plump the hair, turning dull autumn locks into voluminous and healthy hair. 

The Smooth + Shine Shot is ideal for clients experiencing the all too familiar fall frizz. Pure Organic Macadamia Oil is a smoothing agent that provides maximum repair and shine on dull, lifeless hair. Apply as an add-on to any salon service and guarantee your clients leaves with reconditioned, smooth and glossy locks. 


Oway Silk n' Glow Treatment

Tangled hair can be very frustrating to some, especially if your client is prone to frizz. Since the unpredictable Fall weather can exacerbate frizz, you’ll need an ultra-hydrating treatment that performs a detangling action and seals unruly strands.

Oway Silk ‘n Glow Treatment is nourishing oils and butters from Organic Cupuaçu, Biodynamic Oat, and Fair Trade Brazil Nut Oil to tame and soften the cuticles. As the cuticles are closed, the hair becomes more manageable.

Oway Rebuilding Treatment


Exposure to the sun, salt, and chlorine during the summer can lead to damage. Doing a repair treatment is highly recommended to rebuild and refortify stressed hair before the temperatures change. Failing to do so may subject the hair to further damage, which can lead to breakage.

The Oway Rebuilding Treatment uses 18 biomimetic acids and proteins that deeply penetrate the hair’s cortex to reproduce the hair’s keratin structure. These acids and proteins act as “intracellular cement” which strengthens the chains within the hair fiber.

Is your salon ready for Fall and Winter? Stock up on our natural Fall hair care treatments below!