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5 Father's Day Marketing Ideas to Try in the Salon & Spa


With summer among us, it’s time to reel in clients to avoid the summer slump. Why not cater some products to the men’s market to help improve your profits? With Father’s Day just a few days away, your clients may be looking for gifts to give to their husbands, dads or brothers so this is a great opportunity to capitalize on those clients and consumers.

According to statistics, Americans are expected to spend around $15.3 billion this year on Father’s Day gifts. In fact, the National Retail Federation predicts that a total of 77 percent of Americans who celebrate Father’s Day will spend an average of $133 per person.

For clients, finding the right gift can be costly and time consuming. Here are some Father’s Day salon marketing tips to help clients show their male partners and friends the love they deserve on their special day.

Father's Day Salon Marketing Tips

1. Bundle products.

Help clients avoid the hassle of searching for multiple gifts by creating a bundle that provides them with everything in one. Bundling can save clients over 50 percent of money they would have spent purchasing each product individually. With this tactic, they are more likely to make the purchase and feel like they are getting more bang for their buck.

PRO TIP: Have the bundles already set up so it’s an easy grab and go. The new Oway Men’s Hair Care Gift Set includes a combination of hair and body washes and styling products to fit all of his grooming needs, making it the perfect present. It’s made with clean, non-toxic ingredients like the Resurrection Plant and Organic Maqui to fully hydrate and cleanse the hair.


2. Put your products in plain sight.


Keep your products out in clear view to grab your clients’ attention. Have all men-friendly products at the front of retail desk shelves and front desk to show the variety of products you’re offering.

PRO TIP: Walking into a store, the first thing clients notice is the fresh aroma of natural scents. Clients love to sniff through all the different fragrances so this is also an opportunity to incorporate organic fragrances into your display. Introduce your clients to the limited edition Oway OWN Way Fragrance Launch Pack. Not only is this product perfect for mom AND dad, but it’s made with zero synthetic fragrances. The notes come from precious herbs and botanicals harvested and distilled at Oway’s biodynamic farm in Bologna, Italy. Only 999 were made, so this will make your clients feel extra special with the purchase of this exclusive item.

3. Post on social media.

One of the quickest and most efficient ways to promote your men’s products this Father’s Day is to spread the word through social media. People are always looking for the newest products and tips to stay in the know of what’s hot.

PRO TIP: Provide posts tailor made for men to keep them actively engaged on your page. Below are some post ideas to entertain and grab the attention of clients:

  • Men’s well-being tips for the summer.
  • Grooming guides for guys.
  • Take photos/videos to create your own step-by-step guides.
  • Anti-aging tips for dads.

4. Collaborate with businesses to create giveaways.

What better way to jumpstart your Father’s Day campaign than a giveaway? Partner up with guy-friendly businesses, such as gyms, breweries, golf shops and hardware stores to reach your target audience. This will liven up your community and give your business exposure.  Keep in mind that women are typically the primary gift shoppers, so create a giveaway that women will want to be a part of as well.

PRO TIP: Create a social media campaign with local businesses where everyone shares the giveaway on their respective social media and tagging every giveaway sponsor in the description. This will prompt their followers to check out your page, and you might just get new clients in the process.

5. Post about those businesses’ specials.

Show your support to local businesses by sharing their specials this upcoming Father’s Day. This will not only keep people coming back to your page to see the specials, but you’re also giving other businesses more incoming traffic.

You can collaborate with one local business a week to extend your reach even further. They will likely return the favor if you stay consistent with your engagement, which could lead to gaining more potential clients.

Check out our Father's Day specials below!

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