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Formula Friday: 2020 Vision In Classic Blue


2020 is coming in hot with Pantone releasing the trending color for the new year: Classic Blue. A deep color that is easy on the eyes, Classic Blue is a hue that we’ve seen floating around our Instagram feed a few times this year.

If their prediction is anywhere as accurate as their Living Coral pick for 2019, then we’re in for a season full of blue. Check out the shades our holistic hair community has created already and snag the perfect formula for the year ahead.

The Dark Side


On the darker side of Pantone’s Classic Blue is this all-over O&M color. To recreate:

@zerahdantz formula:

I used O&M COR Color. I applied O&M COR.color 3.0 Dark Brown and O&M COR.color 5 Volume Activator to regrowth first and then to ends. It processed for 30 minutes. She had previous platinum highlights with O&M COR.color 4.1 Ash Brown in between. I didn’t fill her in, that way she would get a really cool reflect.

Denim Blue Dreams


Reminiscent of your favorite pair of blue jeans growing up, this is the perfect tribute to Classic Blue. To take clients back in time:

@bhuff87 formula:

I used 10g Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment + 10g Oway Hcolor 1.8 Blue Black + 10g Oway Hmelt .08 Blue Charm booster and 45g Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer over level 5 hair with pre-lightened highlights. The pre lightened areas were about a level 8.

April Showers


Sometimes a light rain and cloudy day is just what the doctor ordered. For a super-chill blue, try the formula below.

@gypsyrootsco formula:

She’s a natural level 7. We already made her white blonde in the appointments before. She wanted a super dark root with a blue ash, so I did Oway Hcolor 4.0 Natural Brown with Oway Hmelt .08 Blue Charm. I put Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer on her ends to tip her out to lighten any old highlights, then all over toned her with Oway Hcolor 11.17 Frosted Platinum and double Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer. Then I dried and went in with Oway Hcolor 5.17 Light Frosted Brown and a little Oway Hcolor 1.8 Blue Black and double Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer in zone 2 to complete the blend.  I finished with conditioner on her ends for a barrier.

Unicorn Twist


This take on blue hair has an irresistible iridescent effect. For clients with a mystical sense about them, give this formula a try:

@kai.fujimoto formula:

I used 40g Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment + 120 drops Oway Hmelt Blue Charm + 80 drops Oway Hmelt Mysterious Purple for the roots and blue hues.

For the mids to ends, I used 100g Oway Hmilk No Stress Conditioning Treatment + 100 drops Oway Hmelt Mysterious Purple + 20 drops Oway Hmelt Blue Charm.

It processed for 30 minutes.

To finish, I washed with Oway Silver Steel Hair Bath.

Midnight Sky


This take on Classic Blue is a bit darker and more tantalizing, perfect for the daring client. For a tone you could only get under a starry night sky, try this formula:

@omghairdo_or_dye formula:

I balayaged to level 8 with Oway Hbleach Buttercream Lightener + Oway Hcatalyst 30 Volume Cream Developer. Then I used Oway Htone 9 Volume Cream Developer with Oway Hcolor 0.8 Blue Booster and let it process for 10 minutes.

Blue-Turquoise Charm


Like sunlight hitting the sea, this blue and turquoise mixture is almost too perfect to believe! To transport clients to the beach, try the formula below:

@fos_living formula:

We used O&M. It is half O&M COR.color 0.11 Ash Pure Color + half O&M COR.color 0.19 Ash Matte Pure Color with O&M COR.color 5 Volume Activator. Hair was a level 10/12 before applying color.

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