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Fostering Strong Relationships in Times of Crisis

Keeping in touch and nurturing nourishing relationships has never been more important. While we may not be in the salon day to day, this does not mean the line of communication between staff and clients alike should fall silent. It is important as a strong business leader to stay in touch with key people and relationships, always.

Is it possible to foster strong team relationships in a time that can feel like a personal retreat? It is. We give you actionable items to keep everyone close and mentally healthy in episode 2 of Safeguarding Your Salon Business Series. Watch above.

Keep reading for 5 reminders on how to foster key business relationships!

1. Hold daily meetings with your team.

If there was ever a time to take advantage of technology, it is now!

Host group meetings via a video conferencing app. This is a great way to connect, especially because it provides (virtual) face-to-face time. Even FaceTime has group video chat features now, so if everyone has an iPhone, it is a great free option. Zoom is also allowing you to sign up for an account free of charge.

We suggest holding Morning Wellness meetings. Set a time to meet every weekday morning via video conference. Have your morning coffee together and share your wins, struggles and plans for the day. Incorporate the self-love massage Rebecca demonstrates in the video above. This takes conversation above and beyond just work and COVID-19. It is how you will grow trust for deeper and more meaningful relationships in the workplace.

To stay in close contact throughout the day and on weekends, set up a GroupMe or WhatsApp with the salon staff. It’s important to remember that many creatives will get stir crazy when isolated or left with nothing to do. Looking after everyone’s mental health is key.

Don’t forget about our Fight the Fear Worksheet from Episode 1: Working on your Salon Business While not in Business. This is a great exercise to share with your staff and talk about in future Morning Wellness meetings.

2. Keep in touch with your clients.

While you are missing the daily tasks of running your salon business, your clients are missing you. There is so much more to a hair appointment than cut and color. Clients often share so much and look forward to their special relationship with you.

Keep the line of communication with your clients open. For example, if it is someone’s birthday, shoot them a message. If you have your records and books at home, take the time to record March, April and May birthdays. Set a reminder in your phone or calendar to reach out on their special day.

Weekly appointment clients are sure to be hit hard from this distance. Pay them a phone call or text message to check in at the time of their would-be appointment. Possibly offer them an online virtual consult? At the end of the day, everyone wants to feel needed and missed.

3. Show others what you're up to.

Are you quarantined with other people? Everyone loves to have their hair done, so use the people around you! If not, use a dolly head. It might not be full on color, but you can make a video of your styling techniques and the products you used.

Link all of the products to your Holistic Hair Tribe account. Remind clients you have a code they can use to purchase products online and get them shipped directly to their door. This is such a hassle free way to keep the retail revenue flowing. Your clients are eager to support you and your business. Holistic Hair Tribe makes it easy for them to do so!

4. Support your team publicly.

Publicize every stylist’s Venmo address on your social media. Consider including them in a post on both Instagram and Facebook. Provide your followers with the option of pre-paying for an appointment, tipping in advance, purchasing gift cards or paying for future treatments and services. You could even send a Oway Remedy Hand Balm or Velluto Lip Balm with the purchase of a gift card!

The point is, it is time to start thinking outside of the box for revenue streams. Plus, this will remind both stylists and clients that this situation is not forever. Although it may be the new normal for now, we will figure how to adapt and return to the salon stronger than ever.

5. Think to the future.

It’s important that your team continue to feel supported and thought of during this time. To help them get back on their feet and feel at ease, we suggest letting them level-jump when everyone returns to the salon.

Offer a 5% commission increase for your stylists when they come back to work. While spring cleaning your expenses, cut back on small things. Find somewhere you can decrease costs to find that 5%.

This will really make your staff feel comfortable and more relaxed these next couple of weeks. They will truly be able to focus on themselves and come back to the salon more motivated and confident than ever.

Tune in Thursday for everything you need to know to maximize profits on our Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Program!

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