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Consider change to be the freedom you have been awaiting in your salon business!

Be involved with something BIG! The shift in the current salon environment is global, and we must consider different approaches in the way we operate to set us apart from the average.

We live in a time when there are literally salons popping up on every corner and more and more stylists flooding the industry. How are we to set ourselves apart?

We must consider a vastly different approach in which we organize our salons and how we operate in the choices we make. Making quality choices affects us at our very professional core.

The economy has shifted more towards service type of work and soon we won’t be able to run things the old way even if we are set in our current path.

New Products have created intense worldwide competition to the salon business growth and you will certainly find a multitude of competition everywhere to try and keep up with.

Career planning has not been working as you meant for it to? Take control of your career path, if you don’t consider adapting your current thinking and trying new things, how can you ever expect to improve?

It does no good to simply complain or be bitter about what is happening in the industry. In fact, that behavior that will only harm your chance of grasping the new opportunities that await. It is not a time to jeopardize your future on old assumptions on how this industry operates. You have to be the change!

Frankly, the world rewards those that truly catch on to what is happening so invest your energy rather in seizing these opportunities brought by changing your current salon state.

Change always comes bearing gifts!!!

By considering the scope and speed of change these days in salon life, there will be precious gifts and priceless opportunities for those who play by the new rules, position themselves as experts in the new playing field, and take personal responsibility for the salon future.

Meet the challenge: Follow a few simple guidelines for managing your salon during some new industry changes!

Things to consider:

Consider offering products with ingredients that are more natural and even certified organic. Consider going more green in your practices whether in products, materials, activities etc.

Consumers are becoming more aware and educated when it comes to ingredients in their cosmetic products. As a professional, we should add value to your current service by acknowledging the demand for better professional care products in your salon. These consumers are extremely loyal to their salons and are less price sensitive. They tend to understand and accept and appreciate the value of organics. If you patronize this clientele, you will certainly be rewarded as they are more inclined to be focused on the overall salon experience and want to both feel good and look amazing. They know that ingredients matter! You will also reap the benefits as they are typically active in sending you client referrals as they are the type to be fiercely committed to helping and enlightening others.

You should feel passionate about your work and commit to your passion. Clients and consumers want much more quality than ever before. They expect top notch service or they will seek your competition. In today’s world, career success belongs to those committed. To those who work from the heart and invest themselves passionately in their jobs and who can recommit quickly when change is needed, career success can be expected.

Continuous improvement- the Japanese call it kaizen-offers some insurance for your career. Kaizen is the relentless quest for a better way, for higher quality and craftsmanship. It is basically the daily pursuit of perfection. By joining a niche market, you are certain see the expansion of your current clientele. Offering healthier professional products and adding to you valued service will trigger dramatic breakthroughs to your current salon state. Keep abreast of the competition but look for ways to offer them an organic alternative to the current market.

Choose Sustainable products and continue to grow with other green minded networking groups. Network with other Organic Certified Colorists and share your knowledge and current ideas for trends etc.   This will not only keep you abreast of new techniques but can grow your ideas for marketing opportunities etc. strengthening your bottom line.

It doesn’t take long for skills and knowledge to become outdated in this fast changing industry. Technological advances and the flood of new products can make it difficult in keeping up with what is going on. Stylists must constantly adapt to new products and techniques. Lifelong learning is the only way to remain competitive in our market. Invest in your growth and continue to consider new products and services that are healthier for your offerings. Attend workshops and seminars regularly. You must be relentless in your pursuit of the best to offer your clientele. The more you are aware and current in your learning, the better positioned you will be in this market and you will increase your job security and a career will flourish from this. Defend your career by developing a better package of knowledge and skills than the next stylist.

Say No to Diversion of your professional products! Find companies that offer professional products that value you as a professional. This means that you must companion yourself with a company that doesn’t sell to local retailers such as Target and Wal Mart. You are the licensed professional not the corner drugstore. It is important to differentiate yourself from offering the same mediocre supposed professional products that can be found in any store. Recommend products that are salon exclusive and mean it. So choose a product line that offers high end ingredients and have credibility so you can create a loyal following from your advertising. It will set you apart more to advertise that you carry truly exclusive professional products that you recommend and create a loyalty among your customer base.

The era of entitlement is ending and instead take personal responsibility for your salon career. Embrace change and develop new habits and practices that are certain to make you stand out from the mediocrity. Go forward into the future of the Organic salon industry rather than revert to the past. Grow!

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