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Season Survival Guide: Winter Hair Care


Cold weather woes? It can be daunting handling dry, brittle and frizzy or static hair on top of all the other tasks holidays bring.

Take a look at our favorite winter hair hacks to survive the season and share your expertise with clients locks needing rescue.

1. Commit to a nourishing keratin-rebuilding treatment.


Let’s start with one of the biggest issues: damaged hair becoming even more dry and brittle when exposed to chapping cold weather.

A deep conditioning mask is a great weekly option for clients, but a deeply hydrating and restorative treatment can work wonders to repair and protect hair this winter.

O&M COR.restore Treatment is a low-tox rebuilding treatment that uses amino acids and organic elements to deeply moisturize and strengthen the hair.

2. Avoid frequent hair washes.


As we know, washing your hair too frequently strips it of vital natural oils that keep the hair protected and moisturized. If you’re in the habit of washing your hair everyday, now is the time to stop! You need those oils more than ever in the winter.

Dry shampoo is a great product to use when avoiding over-washing. We love O&M Dry Queen Dry Shampoo for a spray or Oway Plant & Mineral Refresh for a powder.

3. Detoxify the scalp.


With dryness comes its best and most loyal friend—dandruff. Having a flaky scalp is bad enough and oftentimes when the cold gets ahold of a problem scalp, itching intensifies and burning ensues.

Sometimes at-home remedies need extra-help during winter. Oway Purifying Rice Wax will target the problem with micro-granules to eliminate the layers of built up dandruff. It’s most effective when used with Oway Pure Biodynamic Thyme, an herbal remedy that addresses the itching and burning that accompanies dandruff.

4. Dry your hair before leaving the house.


Simple, yet so important. You might think this is just in reference to getting sick, but cold temperatures mixed with wet hair actually expands the hair shaft, causing breakage and accelerated fading of color.

If you don’t already, we suggest showering at night. This way you can avoid rushing in the morning and can let your hair air dry, which reduces the amount of heat you have on your hair— another important habit to break in winter.

5. Nourish and treat with hair oils.


Zap life back into winter-worn locks with an effective and targeted hair oil. One of the most common hair problems that are exacerbated during winter are frizzy and dry locks. O&M Smooth + Shine Shot Treatment is pure Organic Macadamia Oil which is a great tonic for frizzy and stressed hair.

On the other hand, if you plan to do a big blowout on a client during the cold months, we suggest always supplementing with O&M Volume + Shine Treatment. This shot consists of concentrated Australian Lilly Pilly, a natural collagen to help not only plump but also protect the hair.

6. Relax and rejuvenate with Flowerfall.


Finally, hydration and breakage start from within. Drinking tons of water and de-stressing after busy days working, shopping and making travel arrangements is key to making sure beauty and health can thrive on the outside.

Oway Flowerfall is a tonic of essential oil distillates like Biodynamic Lavender, Rose, Rosemary and Fair Trade Araza that relax the hair, scalp and mind. Simply distilling it in the Flowerfask or spritzing the Flowerfall Aromatherapy Spray can bring huge aromatherapy benefits to everyone in the salon.

Like some of these ideas? Shop our hand-picked Winter Treatment Kits for bundled savings!

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