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Tips for Best Hair Coloring
6 Tips on Getting the Best Hair Coloring

6 Tips on Getting the Best Hair Coloring

Author: James Palin

Hair dyeing is already considered as a fashion statement. As much as we love to cut and style our hair, we also love to color our hair with the latest and trendiest dye. Though it appears that it is difficult choosing the right hair coloring, it is not as difficult as it seems. Just be careful because it can turn into a disaster when the hair dye does not look good and natural on you. If it is your first time to color your hair, there is a need for a professional advice.

Hair color is necessary for men and women to hide gray hairs or simply to have fun and new look. It is also best to match your hair color with your personality. The advantage of knowing how to choose the right hair for you is: you can experiment with your hairstyle and add drama, glamour and shine; and make you look more gorgeous and stunning. To have the best hair color you need to consider some hair color ideas to help you come up with the right conclusion on what color suits you best. The following are the tips on getting the best hair coloring.

How to Get the Best Hair Dye:

  1. Analyze your personality
  2. Choose the hair color that is close to your personality. This way, you can be confident with the way a color looks on your hair and the way you carry it.

  3. The natural color of hair
  4. One of the prominent parts in choosing the right hair color is the original dye of the hair. Choose the hair color that suits your hair type. Choose the shade which is 2 to 3 shades darker or lighter than your natural hair color. That is the shade that provides the best result.

  5. The skin type
  6. Determine the color of your skin or the type of your skin; it has a lot to do with choosing the right hair color. The hair color is perfect if it makes your face glow.

    2 categories of skin color:
    1.) Cool tone: natural bluish black hair, golden blonde, dark brown or medium ash (mostly pale or pink with little undertones).
    If you are under the cool category you can go for dyes such as gold, ash browns, cool browns and copper.

    2.) Warm tone: hair color that is towards a reddish gold brown (generally pale brown with golden undertones)
    For people who belong to the warm skin tone category, you can go for golden shades.

    If you want to try something beyond the ordinary kind of hair colors, cool skin tone can carry red hair with great flamboyance.

  7. The dressing style
  8. The right hair dye also depends with your dress style or what clothing color suits you best. Shades of golden and blonde perfectly blends with red, yellow and rusty shades of clothing; burgundy, black, platinum colors go best with cloths with shades of blue, black and green.

  9. Eye color
  10. The darker hair tends to match better with brown or green eyes.

    2 categories:
    1.) cool eye colors: generally, dark blue, gray blue, green, and deep brown eyes)
    Golden shade, blonde and ashy colors compliment the cool eye colors.

    2.) warm eye colors: black, brown green and hazel
    Red, burgundy, mahogany gel suits warm colored eyes.
  11. Temporary or permanent
  12. Choose between permanent or temporary hair dyes.

    Temporary hair dyes change your look without penetrating the roots of your hair. It is relatively risk free.

    Permanent hair color can lighten the natural hair color. It can result to hair damage if the hair care routine is improperly performed.

After considering the hair color ideas and learning how to get the best hair color, you may now proceed and enjoy the color that suits you best. For first timers, it is recommended to undergo proper dyeing at professional hair salons to avoid damages and disasters. If you will do it at home, ask help from relatives and friends for best results. Hair also needs to be pampered like the rest of you.

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The author is the founder of LVHair, a website dedicated to provide the latest hair coloring. For trendiest hair dye tips and resources check out http://lvhair.com/. LVHair - Your Best Bet For Quality Hair Design and Makeup in Las Vegas.

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