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Take the 2019
Holistic Hair Stylist 

From new 2019 salon business strategies to health and wellness tips, this isn't your average New Year's Resolution - it's a complete evolution of you, your craft and business in just 4 weeks!



Evolve your hairdressing craft, business and mindset in 2019.

What is the Holistic Hair Stylist Challenge?

This free 4-week video training series guides you down a path to becoming an ultra successful Holistic Hair Stylist and/or Salon.  Every week, you'll get a new training video delivered right to your email — each  expertly created to help you achieve health, wealth and success in 2019.

Week 1: Mind, Body & Spirit Alignment

Breaks through your self-imposed walls and limitations and gain a mindset of growth and abundance. From guided meditation to yoga moves for Hair Stylists, this week's training cultivates the 5 Healthy Habits Every Hair Stylist Needs To Succeed.

Week 2: Creating a Sustainable Salon 

Go green! This week challenges both Stylists and Salons to try 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Your Salon's Environmental Impact. You'll learn just how adopting eco-responsible salon products and practices can save the planet and your wallet!

Week 3: 2019 Salon Business Strategies

During this week's training, we mean business! You'll be introduced to 5 New Salon Business Strategies You Need To Try in 2019 with specific tips to growing your brand as a Holistic Hair Stylist and Salon. Spoiler alert... you have a huge advantage over 90% of other Stylists and Salons.

Week 4: Creating a Non-Toxic Salon Space

Hairdressing has been named one of the most toxic careers of 2018. With instances of breast and bladder cancer skyrocketing amongst stylists, it's time we all took a conscious step away from the chemical overload. This week's training focuses on the top 5 Toxic Chemicals To Remove From Your Salon, and how to create business that harmonize art, beauty and wellness.

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