Salon E-Retail Marketing Tips & Tricks — Salon E-Retail Business Bootcamp EP3

Holistic Hair Tribe Marketing Tips & Tricks

“Salon E-Retail Marketing Tips” can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. There are many aspects to marketing, so we wanted to break it down for you. How can you best use your many different channels to reach clients both old and new? What marketing strategies should you use for Holistic Hair Tribe? This will help you to capitalize on online retail sales with the partner program.

In episode 3 of our Salon E-Retail Business Bootcamp, President of Simply Organic Ashley Mooney and Beauty Biz Guru Jessica Vogel deep dive into how to consistently promote your salon’s new e-retail shop through Facebook, Instagram, Email Newsletters and more!

Check out our best salon e-retail marketing tips to use with your Holistic Hair Tribe partner program!


First things first: make sure you subscribe to the bi-weekly Holistic Hair Tribe newsletters we send out. They include all the info you need on monthly and weekly sales, creative copy and pictures, as well as any important program updates you might need to know about.

To sign up go to Scroll all the way to the bottom. In the bottom right corner, you’ll see a box to enter your email address. Enter your email and click subscribe!

You can copy the content that we include in these newsletters to send out to your clients and promote current products and sales. Make modifications as needed to cater to your specific client or client base.


Newsletter Tools

Keeping clients up to date via email on the latest sales online and in-salon is crucial. While using social media is great and necessary, email is great because you can be positive your desired clients are getting tailored information from you in their inbox.

There are tons of different platforms you can use to send emails. We use MailChimp—it’s super user-friendly and is a popular platform, so there are tons of online tutorials should you need them. Constant Contact and Rosy are a couple other Biz Guru Jessica suggests. In addition, you can use your Salon Marketing or Booking software if they allow it.

Newsletter Segmentation

Newsletter aren’t just for clients! The great thing about email marketing is that you can send them to any emails you have collected over the years, even if they aren’t active customers.

However, the same content should not be sent to a frequent client and to someone you met at an event and haven’t seen since. Make sure you segment your list into different groups. For example, the easiest one would be to have two lists: one that is known and current salon clients and one who is not. This way you can carefully craft your message.

How do you get email addresses if they aren’t an active client? Easy! Simply add an element to your website where they can join your mailing list. This is usually an easy drag and drop option. You can look up specific instructions on Google based on the website platform you use.


Salon E-Retail Marketing Tips for Newsletters

The first thing to make sure of is to include clickable links in your emails. Buttons such as “Shop Now” or “Tell Me More” that are linked to your personal referral link are must-haves. This way, when clients see a product they like, they can get to the shop and hopefully checkout quickly and easily.

If you’re interested in linking a specific product, be sure to checkout our recap of episode 2 for instructions on how to do so.

Make sure you use our personal referral link when linking items in your newsletter. Things to add a clickable link to include:

  • Header (the opening image, logo or text you include)
  • Featured Image (the first opening image)
  • Text Link (i.e a product name like “Oway NOTA3“)
  • Call to Actions (Buy Now, Learn More, Shop Now, etc.)

Finally, it is imperative that you include your Partner Code multiple times throughout your email. This is a super simple, easy to remember code. The repetition will ensure your clients know what to enter at checkout. Your Partner Code should be easily visible and highlighted throughout your newsletter.

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media encompasses a lot of different platforms. Here, we focus on how you can get assets for free made by us to market and how to best use Facebook and Instagram for the Holistic Hair Tribe program.


Download Creatives

First things first: you need something to post! While creating your own content, whether it be videos, graphics or images is important, we always want to provide you ways to get started and product images that will help you market to your followers.

Each month we will upload images for you to use based on the monthly special and weekly sales. You can find these creatives two ways:

  1. Go to 
  2. Go to the Creatives section of your Partner Dashboard

To download from, simply click on the item you want to download (for weekly sales images, click the Weekly Sales Images folder). If you’re using a laptop or desktop, right click the image and select Save Image As. If you’re using a mobile phone, press on the image and a download/add to photos prompt should appear.

To download from your Dashboard, click the second tab at the top of your dashboard labeled Creatives. Click the image you want to download. A window will pop up as shown in the image on the left. Simply click Download Creative and you are done!

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook is fairly simple when it comes to posting and getting your information out there. If you missed how to pin a post to your profile, check out episode 2 here. Make sure you do this with your personal referral link and partner code first thing.

Whenever you post end with a Call to Action. This is something that tells the follower what you want them to do. Examples are “Shop now at” or “Shop through link in bio.”

Post your shortened Partner Link when you are including a link in your posts. This is easier to read for everybody and is more appealing to the eye. We go over how to shorten your Partner Link in episode 2.

Instagram Marketing Tips

The first thing to do is make sure your Partner Link and Partner Code are visible in your Instagram bio. This way every time someone stumbles across your page they’ll see it and you can always end with a call to action in your posts that refer them to the link/code in your bio.

Your call to action can simply be “Visit the link in my bio” or “Visit HolisticHairTribe and enter HHT#### at checkout for $5 OFF!” This gives them some incentive to go checkout the products and purchse.

Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags might seem like a pain to do, but they’re important for gaining exposure and increasing your chances of being discovered by new followers. There are a few different types of hashtag: popular, niche, brand and local.

Popular: hashtags with 1M+ users, very general

ex. #hairproducts #beautyproducts #beauty #hairstyles #hairstyling

Niche: hashtags related to your industry, more specific to what you are about

ex. #organicbeauty #holisticbeauty #dryshampoo #sustainableliving #veganbeauty

Brand: hashtags you created for your business

ex. #holistichairtribe #simplyorganicbeauty #oway #originalmineral

Location: hashtags specific to your area, town and city

ex. #FloridaStylist #FloridaSalon #TampaSalon #TampaHair

When you use hashtags, there are a few important things to remember:

  • Use them, but wisely
  • Limit hashtags to 30 or less. We suggest 9-15 as a sweet spot
  • Use a combination of popular, niche and brand/location hashtags. As a general rule, you want more niche/brand/location hashtags and only a few popular.
  • Add at the bottom of your caption or as the first comment of your post (within 10 seconds of posting or your post will get buried!)

Download our Instagram Hashtag Guide to remember which hashtags to use and how to maximize discoverability on Instagram!

Instagram + Facebook Stories

If you have 10K followers, you have the ability to add the “Swipe up” link feature that many influencers and brands use. To post a story with a “Swipe up” link:

  1. Download vertical image from and save on your mobile device.
  2. Tap Your Story icon.
  3. Locate vertical image in your image gallery.
  4. Select photo to post on Instagram stories.
  5. Add call to action with your Partner Code: “Swipe up to shop and get $5 OFF when you enter (your partner code) at checkout”
  6. Click Link > + Web Link > paste your Partner Link.

Unfortunately, many of us do not have over 10,000 followers! This is totally fine and you should still be taking advantage of posting stories to your IG and Facebook. Instead of adding a link, just refer them to your Partner Link in your Instagram bio. You’ll follow these same steps but simply change your call to action slightly:

  1. Download vertical image from and save on your mobile device.
  2. Tap Your Story icon.
  3. Locate vertical image in your image gallery.
  4. Select photo to post on Instagram stories.
  5. Add call to action with your Partner Code: “Shop through link in bio and use (your Partner Code) at checkout for $5 OFF!” or “Shop on holistichairtribe (link in bio) and get $5 OFF when you enter (your Partner Code) at checkout”

Time to post! Tune in next Monday at 2PM for episode 4, all about incorporating HHT into your website.