Formula Friday: Holistic Recipes for Hair Loss and Scalp Treatments

Formula Friday: Holistic Recipes for Hair Loss and Scalp Treatments


Making sure clients have the healthiest and prettiest locks all starts from where it grows: the scalp. Scalp health is a condition often overlooked, so it is up to us as holistic hairstylists to make sure we are addressing common issues like hair loss, overproduction of sebum and dandruff at the source. Luckily, Oway offers a range of holistic hair loss and scalp treatments!

Whether your client is struggling with buildup, flakiness, irritation or thinning and bald spots, there is a natural remedy. In-salon scalp treatments combined with the correct at-home care can drastically transform a problem scalp into a healthy and balanced environment.

This week we have gathered six common scalp conditions from simple hair loss to a scalp with multiple problems to help you know what to look for and how to treat common scalp issues with holistic hair loss and scalp treatments.

Please note: These treatments may very depending on your client’s scalp condition.

Find natural Oway remedies using holistic hair loss and scalp treatments below!

Damage + Hair Loss


With damaged hair that needed repair and a huge amount of hair loss, here is how Stephanie Mero treated herself using Oway holistic hair loss and scalp treatments.

@steph.mero recipe:

I started out my hair loss recovery journey with an Oway Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser. I put 4 teaspoons of the clay powder using my Oway Wooden Application Kit and added small amounts of water and stirred with the Oway Bamboo Whisk until the clay was soft but not too watery. I wet my hair then towel dried, and then applied the mixture to my scalp and massaged for 2 minutes. I used the Oway Htech Pre-Color Clarifying Shampoo to fully cleanse the clay from my hair and followed up with the Oway Curly Hair Mask. A few weeks later I did the in-salon Oway Densifying Remedy Professional Vials after washing with the Oway Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath. Because the scalp detox reveals fresh skin at the scalp, I prefer not to follow it up immediately with the Oway Densifying Remedy so that the scalp isn’t too sensitive for it, but it really depends on whose scalp you’re dealing with! 

At home, I washed my hair and scalp every other day using the Oway Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath, massaging it into my scalp for at least 10 seconds each time. I used a little Oway Frequent Use Conditioner but rinsed it thoroughly with warm water so as not to leave any in my hair or on my scalp so that it wouldn’t block the benefits of the Oway Water Resin. I used Oway Water Resin as my styler and massaged it into my scalp because of the amazing anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties that benefit the follicles. I also love how shiny and soft it leaves my hair! These are results from 14 weeks after.

Stress + Hair Loss


For significant hair loss remedied by a simple yet frequent treatment, try the formula below:

@tmac75 recipe:

On this particular client she had experienced a severe trauma. Through examining her scalp and discussing her past life I suggested the use of the hair loss treatment in combination with her visiting me weekly for eight weeks. She took home the Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath and the Densifying Remedy.

I would use half a vile of the Densifying Vials in-salon treatment in the two side quadrants. Where the hair loss was most proficient. I would apply it and massage it in for five minutes after shampooing with the Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath, leaving the treatment on the scalp and not rinsing it out and telling her to go home and not shampoo her hair for an additional 48 hours, allowing the treatment to work it’s magic.

After the 48 hours I instructed her to use the Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath at home and after conditioning with her Silk n’ Glow mask she was then to spray the Densifying Remedy in the quadrants that she had hair loss and massage in for five minutes. Then allow her hair to either air dry or blow dry as needed.

She visited me each week for eight weeks. Her hair is now fully back restored to match the same density as the other quadrants of her head. She does not need to come back for in-salon scalp treatments but has continued to use the Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath in her daily regimen.



Excess oil and sebum production can clog the hair glands and cause many issues such as hair loss, itchiness and dandruff. To treat Tu used the Rebalancing Treatment on her client following the protocol below:

@tuorganicssalonandspa recipe:

For treatments in-salon, we did Oway Pure Biodynamic Sage For Oily Skin / Scalps and Oway Amazonian Control Clay for every week for up to five weeks and then as needed after the fifth week. Cleanse using the Oway Sebum Balance Hair Bath.

At home, she used the Oway Sebum Balance Hair Bath  and Oway No-Rinse Moist Conditioner.

Early Hair Loss


Hair loss does not only affect the more mature! This man in his 20’s struggled with simple hair loss which Andre quickly fixed up using this routine starting with the Lunar Calendar as a guide:

@beeyoutifulbyandrea recipe:

This is a young man early 20’s. We did the treatment (Oway Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser, Oway Antioxidant Essential Oil Blend,Oway Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath and Oway Densifying Remedy Professional Vials) weekly for 12 weeks he had the Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath and Densifying Remedy at home.

We also did the Herbs & Clay Detox Treatment every 6 treatments, using the Lunar Calendar as our guide.

It was amazing to see the treatments progress through the Tricho-Derm Profiler!

Sensitive Scalp + Hair Loss


Jackie’s client was experiencing hair loss with a sensitive scalp. To treat simple hair loss with holistic hair loss and scalp treatments, check out the process below:

@jackieoartistry recipe:

This I believe is 10 in salon treatments. The treatments were fairly consistent with the hair loss for sensitive scalps regimen.

I began each session with a scalp detox with the Herbs & Clay Peeling Cleanser.

I did the first 7 sessions hair loss treatment case #2 Hair Loss Caused By Cutaneous Topism from the Oway Treatment Diagnosis Sheet.

The last 3 sessions the hair loss case #1 Simple Hair Loss (Normal Scalp).

His take home care regimen was the Oway Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath, Frequent Use Conditioner and the Oway Vivifying Remedy For Sensitive Scalps.

Each treatment was approximately 1 month apart due to travel and his work.

Complex Sebum + Hair Loss


Bailey’s client had a combination problem scalp. To treat a customer who has sebum, lifestyle and hair loss issues affecting their scalp:

@bailwinkle.periwinkle recipe:

This is my favorite hair loss recovery experience. This client’s situation was very challenging due to many factors that were contributing to her significant all over hair loss, such as lifestyle diet and health issues. At the beginning stages of her treatments she was still wearing a hair piece, using hair fibers, and wearing a hat to help camouflage/coverup her hair loss. At the same time it was so rewarding because by the end of her main set of treatments she had gained so much confidence and self love that she didn’t feel like she needed to use any of those cover ups anymore. When we took her after picture and compared it to her before picture, we both cried with tears of joy because she then felt like her appearance reflected what she was feeling on the inside. She has such a beautiful kind and giving soul, and for me to be able to give something to her was very fulfilling.

This client had many contributing factors as I mentioned and she also had an overproduction of sebum on her scalp. Before implementing any of the hair loss treatments we corrected the excess sebum issue. In salon treatments were Oway Amazonian Control Clay mixed with Oway Pure Biodynamic Sage For Oily Skin / Scalps, followed by the Oway Sebum Balance Hair Bath. At home she used the Oway Sebum Balance Hair Bath and Oway Frequent Use Conditioner. For at home styling she used Oway Glossy Nectar and Oway Flux Potion, and was careful to avoid the scalp. We discussed many different ways for her to maintain the health and structure of her hair through means of styling, diet, and lifestyle. 

Once the overproduction of sebum was remedied, we began the Hair Loss treatments. The in-salon process involved using the Oway Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath to prep and stimulate her scalp for application of the treatment, next applying the Oway Densifying Remedy Professional Vials, followed by a inward circular motion of scalp massage, and also utilizing the Oway Circolo Scalp Massage Brush in the appropriate cadence. 

At home she used the Oway Micro-Stimulating Hair Bath, the Oway Densifying Remedy, the Oway Circolo Scalp Massage Brush, Oway Frequent Use Conditioner, and also a few drops of the Simply Organic Focus Essential Oil (applied with her fingertips in areas of concern). For at home styling she used Oway Glossy Nectar and Oway Flux Potion, and was careful to avoid the scalp.

If she had a flare up of excess oil she would incorporate her Sebum Balance Hair Bath if necessary.

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