5 Ways to Reduce Your Salon’s Environmental Impact

How to Go Green at the Salon

Did you know? Hair Salons can be some of the biggest offenders of the environment? From excess water and electricity usage to all the plastic filling our oceans and landfills, salons produced a lot of waste.

In fact, over 150 million pounds of trash are produced in salons each year. But going green doesn’t have to be hard and expensive.

Adopting more sustainable practices behind the chair can save the planet and your wallet. Here are five easy ways to reduce your salons environmental impact.

1. Choose more sustainable salon products.

Every dollar we spend is a vote for how we want the world to be. It’s important to partner with brands and companies that are not only dedicated to the green movement but are pushing the needle in terms of sustainability.

It’s not enough to just have products that can be recycled or use post-consumer plastic. We want to kick plastic out of salons altogether.

HERE’S WHY: Plastic never breaks down in the environment. And it’s WEAK. Plastic is weak because it’s not infinitely recyclable. What that means is that eventually, plastic cannot be recycled anymore because it has become too weak and compromised to be used as packaging.

So what happens once you can’t recycle plastic anymore? It ends up in our oceans and landfills. Not only is plastic harmful to wildlife and the environment, but it’s also bad for us.

Plastic leaches harmful chemicals into our products that we use on our heads every day. So, eliminating plastic in the salon is paramount.


THE ALTERNATIVE: Oway is a company that vowed to remove plastic packaging from all of their products. People told them they were crazy and that it couldn’t be done. Well Oway makes the impossible possible.

For our products, we’ve chosen amber glass. Amber glass is infinitely recyclable. It’s strong, durable and can be used again and again without losing strength.


Benefits of Amber Glass

But who needs to recycle when you can upcycle?

  • Amber glass is eye-catching and gorgeous and can be used to create all sorts of salon decor. You can use it to store your combs, clips and brushes.
  • Another benefit of amber glass is that it’s an all-natural preservative. The dark color protects the product from UV light and lets you have more natural products without the harmful chemicals

You may be thinking: What about my tools, like brushes and bowls. Oway makes tools made from 100% corps straw. Corps straw is an all-natural renewable resource that can be transformed into strong, durable salon tools.

2. Encourage your team to be mindful their water consumption at the salon. 

Check all water fixtures for even the slightest leak. Even a slow drip can run up your water bill and waste as much as 300 gallons of water a month.

While looking at your water fixtures, consider implementing an eco-friendly alternative. For example, ECOHEADS reduces water and energy consumption by 65%.


3. Choose LED lighting.

LED light bulbs lower your energy consumption by 75% and last 25 times longer than traditional light bulbs, reducing your energy waste and electricity bill.

4. Implement a Salon Refill Program.

Having a Salon Refill Program is not only fun for your staff and clients, but it also has so many benefits for your business, your clients and the planet.

Implementing it is simple.

  • First, you need to create a refill station for your products in order to make this program a success.
  • You’ll need to opt for professional-sized hair care and styling products.
  • Since you’ll be saving money on product with this program, you can pass the discount along to your clients, breeding loyalty and retention


5. Choose air-purifying plants.

Instead of wasteful purifiers, you can choose plants to detoxify your salon. Pants like English Ivy and Peace Lily remove common salon toxins like ammonia, formaldehyde and excess CO2.

Now that you know 5 easy ways to go green in your salon, be sure to check out our other videos and articles that will help you change your salon to the better!

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