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For those with frizzy, hard to manage hair, keratin smoothing treatments can be the ultimate remedy.

However, for some smoothing products, those results came at a price none of us can afford – our health. In this step-by-step, we show you can create smooth, frizz free hair that lasts 3-4 months with our Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatment! Smooth Rituals doesn’t contain common keratin treatment toxins like formaldehyde, methylene glycol, parabens or animal testing.

Step 1: Hair Preparation


Cleanse the hair TWICE with the Clarity Pre-­Treatment Shampoo. This will help to remove any residue and soften the hair’s cuticle for better absorption of the Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatment.

Step 2: Rough Dry


Rough dry the hair to 75-­80% so that the water will not displace the keratin treatment, but the hair is still left slightly damp. This is best accomplished with a blow dryer. After the rough dry, you will be able to see where the hair appears most unruly and frizzy.

Step 3: Section Hair


Divide the head into 4 sections. This will ensure ease of product application. Then select your application method.

Keratin Treatment Application Method Types

Spray Bottle Technique (recommended): 

Using the spray nozzle sent with the Smooth Rituals Treatment or one that has a fine mist and not a stream, spray the product with a downward motion. Then, working in small, thin sections continue with the application and comb through the hair.

Bowl and Brush Application:

Start by weighing out 1 to 1 1⁄2 oz of the Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatment into a bowl. If needed, add more product in 1⁄2 oz increments to avoid any waste. Remember you MUST discard any unused treatment with this method.

Tip: Wear gloves during the application so that the treatment is absorbed by the hair and not your hands to ensure there is no waste of the product.

Step 4: Keratin Treatment Application


Begin treatment application where the hair appears most unmanageable, frizzy, and/or coarse. The sub­-sections should be about the 1/16” thick (similar to the width of a credit card). Apply the Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatment using your preferred method choice from above.

Note: ​If using spray bottle application method, be sure to close nozzle by pressing button after use.


Use a fine tooth tail comb to pass through the hair to ensure coverage.

There should be very little to no excess product or residue coming off onto the comb. Continue to comb through the hair until little to no residue remains on the comb as you work through each section.

It is important in either application method to ensure even coverage and to NOT oversaturate the hair as it could hinder optimal results. Part the hair the way the client likes it and comb straight down.

Do not twist or clip the hair up once the product has been applied.

Tip: ​Oversaturation of the Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatment can make the finish feel sticky and hard.

Step 5: Processing

Allow 5 minutes to process at room temperature.

Step 6: Blow Dry Treatment Into Hair

Professional Keratin Treatment for Hair

Using thin sections and a round brush, blow dry the hair straight using medium heat until the hair is completely dry.

Tip: Use a concentrator nozzle attachment on the blow dryer to best direct air flow over the brush. Point the dryer in a downward direction at the section of hair you are drying, sealing the cuticle for smoothest results. Blow drying correctly is equally as important as proper flat ironing.

Step 6: Finish & Seal Keratin Treatment

Use a professional ceramic flat iron that is temperature controlled and heats up to 450 degrees F. Any temperatures lower than the following guidelines will not properly seal the Keratin properly, and the hair may appear dull.

  • For fragile, damaged, or fine hair: Iron temperature should be at 400­ 420 degrees F. Flat iron over the hair no more than three times.
  • For chemically treated hair in good condition: Iron temperature should be 430 degrees F. Flat iron the hair with four passes.
  • For virgin or thick, coarse hair: Iron temperature should be at 450 degrees F. Flat iron the hair with five or six passes.

Tip: If the ends of the hair are severely damaged or split, flat iron them less to prevent futher damage. Use appropriate flat iron width for hair length (1 1⁄2 “ maximum). The 1⁄2” flat iron works well for roots and around the hairline. Starting at the nape, using 1/8” sections, move the iron slowly from scalp to hair ends using the appropriate number of passes listed above. This is what seals the Keratin completely.


Keratin Treatment After Care


Wait 3­-4 days minimum before shampooing the hair or getting the hair wet. This allows the service to cure.

  • During the curing phase and prior to the first shampoo, do not wet the hair.
  • Do not use styling products or clip/tie the hair back.
  • Keep the hair dry and straight.

If the hair does get wet or damp from rain or perspiration, etc. blow dry and flat iron the hair immediately.

Clients may also touch up any kinks or curls with a flat iron and/or blow dryer as often as necessary before the first shampooing. This will only help to seal the cuticle and expose soft, manageable, frizz free hair with shine.

After day 4, it is important that the clients use the Smooth Rituals Awakening Shampoo and Smooth Rituals Calming Conditioner at home. This will continually enhance the Keratin Treatment, where others may strip the keratin from the hair and be too aggressive.

Keratin Treatment Care Products

Tip: The Smooth Rituals Renewal Treatment is an optional follow up service that can be performed at the salon in between Keratin treatments to extend the life of the service.

Bring Smooth Rituals Keratin Treatments to your salon!

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