Safeguarding Your Salon Business Series EP3: How To Keep Earning Retail Income

How To Keep Earning Retail Income with Holistic Hair Tribe

Earn retail income from home with no overhead or liability? Yes, please.

Luckily we have just the program for that. Holistic Hair Tribe is our affiliate program that allows you to meet clients’ needs while away. In episode 3 of Safeguarding Your Salon Business Series, we cover everything Holistic Hair Tribe, from how to sign up for the Partner Program to how to use your personalized referral link and code to earn commissions.

If you missed it watch Beauty Business Guru Jessica for the low-down above and read our blog for how to make the most out of being a Holistic Hair Tribe partner.

Everything you need to know about Holistic Hair Tribe below!

First things first: sign up!

Signing up is super easy! If you haven’t already, follow along these steps now. Go to

Fill out the super simple form and voila! You are on your way to becoming a Holistic Hair Tribe Partner. When applying as a commissioned stylist it is super important that you include your Salon Owner’s name in the given field. This is how we can be sure to connect you to the right salon.

Once you finish your application, it will take 1-3 business days to be approved.

Access and navigate your dashboard.

Once you are approved, you’ll be sent a welcome email which contains everything you need to get started: your personal referral link and code, instructions for getting started and a link to set up your dashboard.

The first thing you want to do is reset your password so that you can access your dashboard. Click on the reset link and enter the email address you used to sign up for your account on the application. Enter a password you’d like to use and write it down somewhere safe to remember!

To make accessing your dashboard easier, bookmark it as a tab on your computer so you can always find it. If you ever forget your password or loose the link to your dashboard, just refer back to the welcome email. Star it or pin it in your inbox to refer back to.

Navigating your Holistic Hair Tribe dashboard is easy. On the main screen, you’ll see your personal referral link and code on the left. Your commission total will be displayed in the middle. A few tabs to note are the Creatives tab and Conversions tab,

The Creatives tab has promotional images, new product images and templates that you can use to post on your social media.

The Conversions tab is where you can see details about your commissions, customers orders and sales. If you click on the Conversion ID number, you’ll see the customers email and order number. If you click on the dollar amount on the far right under the Commission tab, it will show you the products purchased and commissions made from each item.

Share your link to everyone you know!

Now that you have your personal referral link and code, you want to share it with clients, family, friends and display it on your website and social media.

You can shorten your referral link by clicking on the “Shorten Link (Bitly)” on the left side of your dashboard. Copy and paste it into your Instagram bio. Be sure to include your Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Code in your bio as well.

To attach your personal referral link to your website, copy your shortened link and embed it on your website through a button or new page.

When customers click on your personalized referral link, it will automatically apply your code at checkout. If they don’t go through your link, they will be prompted at checkout to enter your Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Code in order to complete their purchase.

Tell your clients to follow @holistichairtribe on social media.

A huge perk of our Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Program is the @holistichairtribe Instagram and Facebook accounts. These accounts are for Holistic Hair Tribe consumers. If you’re a Partner, you need to have all of your clients follow this account ASAP. We post about all the current promotions, sales, hair tips and clean beauty tricks.

Basically, it’s free marketing for you. Help us help you and have your clients follow @holistichairtribe on Instagram and like on Facebook!

Redeem your commissions.

Now for the good part—redeeming those hard earned commissions!

To redeem, you must have at least $100 or more in commissions. If you do not meet this minimum, your commissions will just continue to roll over from month to month until you hit that mark.

You have two forms you can redeem your commissions in: a Simply Organic Beauty Credit or a check. The Simply Organic Credit gives you an extra 2% commissions to invest back into your salon!

When you do hit $100, you’ll receive an email on the first Monday of the month. Fill out the Google Form linked in the email and tell us how you’d like to redeem. If you select Simply Organic Credit, you’ll get a discount code that Friday. If you select a check, be sure that you have sent us your W-9 for 2020. You only have to send this to us once for the rest of the year.

We look forward to growing with you! Thanks for being apart of our Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Program.