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Beginner's Guide To Holistic Hair Tribe

Our Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Program is a hair stylist-exclusive program designed to empower beauty professionals to bring salon retail sales online without product diversion, overhead costs or shipping / return liability. Bring our entire selection of our holistic beauty products to your clients hassle-free.

Episode 1 of our Salon E-Retail Business Bootcamp Series takes you step-by-step through how to sign up for our program and goes over the most frequently asked questions so that you’re prepared to take your salon business to the next level with our program.

Sign up with us and learn the basics below!

1. Register here.


Upon going to the Holistic Hair Tribe landing page and scrolling down, you’ll be prompted to select an application for Salon Owner or Commissioned Stylist.

You’re a Salon Owner if:

  • You are self-employed
  • You’re a salon or salon suite owner
  • You provide retail in-salon and pay commission to commissioned stylists and/or booth renters

You’re a Commissioned Stylist if:

  • You are paid commission and/or and hourly wage by an employer
  • You rent a chair in a salon where the salon owner provides retail and pays commission on retail sales

Click on the box that applies to you.

2. Fill out your application.

HHT App Salon Owner

Both applications are the same except for the Base Commission amount in the top right corner. Commissioned Stylists receive 10% and Salon Owners receive 30%.

Please include the full name of the Salon Owner and Business Name in your application.

3. Wait for approval.


You’ll receive this Pending Application email after you’ve signed up. Please allow 1-3 business days for approval.

4. Use your Welcome Email to access your dashboard and get started!


This Welcome Email contains everything you need to get started, instructions on how to reset your password and how to access your partner dashboard.

Make sure you check your Spam Folder or Promotions Tab for an email from if you do not see your email in your inbox within 3 days.

Read this email thoroughly before continuing to set up your dashboard. Star it or save it in an important folder so that you can reference back when needed.

5. Login to your dashboard.



Choose Forgot Password. Enter the email address you used to sign up to create a password and login to your partner dashboard.

Your dashboard is where you track everything–who made purchases, how much they were for, how much commissions you have and a reminder of your personalized referral link and partner code.

Bookmark this page on your laptop so you easily have access.

You're all set up! Keep on reading to explore and learn more about your dashboard.

Exploring your dashboard.


This is an example of what your dashboard will look like.

Your dashboard is where you track everything–who made purchases, how much they were for, how much commissions you have and a reminder of your personalized referral link and partner code.

Bookmark this page on your laptop so you easily have access at all times.

There are a couple things to note about your dashboard.

The Conversions Tab:

The Conversions Tab is where you can track purchases made with your link or code.

When you click on the Conversions Tab, the table below will appear.

The far right column labeled “Commission” tells you how much commission you made off of the sale. If you click on the commission amount, it will show you what products were purchased.

If you click the series of numbers in the left column labeled “Conversion ID,” a table will pop up that shows the orders customer email and name.


The Creatives Tab:

When you click on the Creatives tab in your dashboard, you will see promotional images and marketing materials you can use to promote our current monthly and weekly sales. Click on each tab on the far left to explore Weekly Sales, Monthly Sale and New Arrivals.


Redeeming Commissions

You must make $100 or over in commissions in order to be eligible to redeem them. When you do hit over $100 in commissions (not sales), you will receive an email the first Monday of the month. It will look like this:


To redeem your commissions, simply fill out the google form linked in the email (boxed in red above).  You must fill out this form in order to redeem commissions.

You have two options in which you can redeem your commissions: either a check or Simply Organic Beauty Credit. If you choose Simply Organic Beauty Credit, you will receive an additional 2% in commissions!

If you request a check, you must send us a completed W-9 form. Once we have your W-9 from 2020 on file, you are set for the rest of the year.

You will have 3 days to fill out the Google form and send us your W-9 if you requested a check.  You will receive your Simply Organic Beauty Credit the Friday of the same week. The checks are sent out 1-3 business days after the deadline.

There you have the basics! Thank you for being a Holistic Hair Tribe Partner. For questions, email support

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