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8 Best Ways to Support Your Stylist During & After COVID-19

By Paulina Wollschlager


Split ends, dry skin and cuticles, oh my! During this unique and historic moment in time, many of our usual beauty routines and spa pleasures are on hold.

It’s frustrating for clients not to have access to our favorite hairstylists, salons and spas. For hairstylists, who are typically independent contractors, the loss of income is significant.

As is the confusion and delay of how independent contractors can receive unemployment pay.

This chapter will pass and life WILL get back to a new normal. In the meantime, here are some thoughtful ways on how to support your stylist during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Check out these tips on keeping your make-up clean during this time as well.

Purchase Gift Cards

Your stylist most likely offers gift cards. Consider paying for your scheduled appointment or making future appointments and putting deposits down on them.

Purchasing gift cards, certificates and packages for yourself, friends and family are other great ways to support your salon or stylist during this time.

You might also consider sending them funds for groceries, gas or other essential items since their primary source of income has vanished for the time being.

Give a Shoutout on Social Media

As a general rule, we’re more likely to write a review when dissatisfied with service than when we’re happy. Take this extra time to write positive and helpful reviews for your stylist or salon, follow them on their social media sites and tag them in your post.

Now is not the time to post anything negative or publicly hash out old issues. If you’re unhappy with your current stylist for any reason, take some time now to find someone new.

The same goes for stylists, nail technicians and barbers. If you have a chronically late client, someone who cancels regularly or is negative and rude, maybe now is a great time to clear the slate and start anew.

Create the space to replace them with more pleasant and reliable clients when your doors reopen.

Clients, keep in mind: you might not be able to get into your preferred salon or spa quickly. So pour yourself another cup of coffee (or something more substantial) and check out those positive reviews from friends and family.

Trying someone new is okay!

Explore Payment Methods

Many stylists and salons accept Venmo or PayPal. Go to their websites for information on how to send payments, buy products or leave gifts or tips. If you know your stylist well or their salon is in their home, go old-school and drop a check in the mail with a greeting card or some art your kids made at home.

Even if a monetary donation is not in your budget this season, letting your stylist know you are thinking of them in any creative way is a great way to support your salon.

Shop Salon Products

A big help to your salon is buying products through them. You might save some money this way too if they’re able to apply their professional discount.

This action helps the salon and their supply chains, which are also closed but still paying their employees.

To find ways to purchase product from your salon or stylist, check out their website and social media accounts.

If you’re a holistic hairstylist looking for ways to get product directly to your client’s door, check out the Holistic Hair Tribe Partner Program. Find out how it works and how to sign up here.

Lift Their Spirits

In addition to writing positive reviews, you can engage your stylist on social media. Check in to see how they’re doing, send updates or funny photos of the current state of your hair or nails, send them a gift of local art or mail them a postcard.

All of these actions help to take their mind off of things briefly.

Additionally, send along resources you’ve found for income, ways to save money and fun projects to do alone or with their families. If you can, drop off food, baked goods, groceries, wine or beer.

Your actions certainly won’t go unnoticed or unappreciated.

Rock Your Roots

One way to support your stylist is to wait for them. Don’t reach for those box colors! By the time salons reopen, you and your stylist will have a tough time correcting your hair color.

You can also ask your stylist if they are offering home hair color kits for the time being.

Bang Bang!


If you follow social media, you’ve seen people awkwardly handling shears and scissors while trimming their own or their kids’ bangs.

Aside from the dangers of sharp objects in inexperienced hands, it’s not the ‘worst’ thing you can do.

Unless you have a hair-growth issue, hair grows back.

Try to follow what your stylist has done in the past, taking off little at a time. Your stylist can eventually fix what you’ve done. But for the time being, embrace bobby pins and headbands until salons reopen. And if you can, continue to #RootForMyStylist by waiting for them–put those scissors down and be patient!

Boredom Hair Isn't Healthy Hair

During this time, don’t resort to drastic measures. Your stylist understands that things up top are getting shaggy, your roots are growing out and your bangs need trimming.

Applying color is much different. Using semi-permanent or permanent at-home hair color kits, henna and the like is a bad idea. And? It could end up costing you more money in the future to repair your at-home experiment.

Remember that your stylist is a color specialist and they use their expertise to customize color formulas and products for your particular hair type.

A box color does not.

If you’re blond and have always wanted to be a redhead, now is not the time for at-home experimentation. Order a fun wig as a safe way to change your hair color and style without damage to your actual hair.

A cool hat is also an affordable and easy way to deal with your hair until you slip back into a chair.

So, be patient, be safe and stay home. Your hair woes will be over soon.

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