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Kintsukuroi: What Japanese Pottery Has Taught Us about Hair


Hair damage can be difficult to avoid, but it can be reversed. Instead of dwelling on the imperfections, as holistic hair stylists, we can use this as an opportunity for repair.

What is Kintsukuroi?


Original Mineral’s Project Sukuroi is inspired by the ancient Japanese art, Kintsukuroi meaning “golden repair,” which is a method of restoring broken pottery with the use of a gold lacquer or resin. The lacquer is dusted over the cracks and gaps to mend the pottery back together to form a new and improved work of art. The underlying meaning behind this technique was heavily influenced by the philosophy of wabi-sabi, which is known for embracing the beauty of brokenness and flaws.

According to the Washington Post, Kintsukuroi dates back to the late 15th century when a Japanese shogun sent a broken tea bowl to China, only for it to be “fixed” with a few metal staples. Displeased by the result, a Japanese craftsman was motivated to seek out an alternative technique of repair by incorporating the ceramic damages into the design instead of avoiding them. And thus, the art of Kintsukuroi was born.  

The popularity of this craft spread quickly throughout the world as people were intrigued by the beauty and unique appearance of each piece. This one-of-a-kind feature added an element of sentimental value that people were willing to pay top dollar for. In fact, some artists were even guilty of purposely breaking their own projects just so they could utilize this method of reconstruction. Not only was the addition of the golden lacquer aesthetically pleasing, it also formed a seal that made the artifact stronger than ever before. One may say the result was even more beautiful than its original form.

Project Sukuroi: The Midas Tub

In the creation of Project Sukuroi, we aimed to deliver a product that could resolve all the unnecessary stresses of daily living, such as heat and color damage. With this goal in mind, Original & Mineral developed an exclusive blend of all-natural, Australian ingredients that have the power to restore hair back to its natural beauty.

A select combination of oils and hydrolyzed keratin are the key components that form this ultimate reparative balm. Through hydration and gently restructuring the hair, this revolutionary formula heals the rough ends to deliver a soft, silky finish. Derived from the Camelina Plant, Gold Pleasure Oil is enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids that hydrate and deep condition the hair to produce a smooth and glossy appearance. Additionally, the product includes a lightweight Macadamia Oil to infuse the hair with moisture and shine, along with Sweet Almond Oil to give that extra boost of Vitamin E. Together, Project Sukuroi provides all the elements needed in order to nourish the hair back to health.


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