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Free Organic Hair Color Education DVD and Training Kit for Salons!

Organic Color Systems is an ammonia-free professional only color line that provides a more natural, organic, and safer alternative to traditional color without sacrificing results. Made with rich nutrients, certified organic ingredients, powerful anti-oxidants, and healthy amino acids; our color strengthens and enriches your clients hair leaving a healthier result without damaging the luster of the hair or sacrificing their hair’s structural integrity.

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Organic Color Systems Client & Colorists Ratings





Ingredients 5 teinture Excellent
Quality 5 teinture Excellent
Performance 5 teinture Excellent
Price 4 teinture Good
Grey Coverage 5 teinture Excellent
Fadage 5 teinture Excellent
Client Satisfaction 5 teinture Excellent
Marketing 4 teinture Good
Overall 5 teinture Excellent
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Features and Benefits of Organic Color Systems Professional Ammonia-Free Hair Color Line

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  • Industry’s leading 100% guarantee allowing salon professionals to try the full Organic Color Systems line for 30 days risk-free.
  • Contains no ammonia, formaldehyde, parabens, thioglycolates, or other toxic chemicals commonly found in hair color.
  • Contains 100% certified organic ingredients, anti-oxidants, plant extracts, amino-acids and other nutrients.
  • Delivers supreme rejuvenation of the hairs health by revitalizing its natural protection and moisturizers and returning hair to its isometric ideal pH level.
  • Achieves 100% full white or grey coverage without risk of fading or translucent results.
  • Supported by a complete system of products specially formulated to deliver and support Organic Color Systems while providing supreme performance without the toxic chemicals.
  • The most recognized and respected Organic Hair Color brands around the world, backed by 20 years of ammonia-free permanent hair color history.
  • Specially formulated to maintain the hair’s proper level of pH, moisture, and protein leaving hair with a sustainable natural health, shine, and luster.
  • Backed by full time online, email, and telephone support provided by leading experts in the organic salon profession.
  • Supported with the most extensive and comprehensive Organic Salon education system available today.
  • The only 100% Cruelty-Free and Vegan hair color certified by the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) organization.
  • Utilizes activators that contain only pharmaceutical-grade peroxide, certified organic ingredients, natural extracts, and conditioning agents.
  • Primary colors that contain absolutely no PPD’s, PTD’s, or any of their derivatives.
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Organic Color Systems is the most recognized and reputable ammonia-free hair color line word wide. Overwhelming chosen by natural, holistic, and organic oriented colorists and clients in over 42 countries, making it the world’s premier professional organic line.


With 67 intermixable colors plus 6 Concentrate colors, 6 Intensifiers colors, 5 Brightener colors, and 2 different bleach free lightening systems; Organic Color Systems empowers Professional Colorists like you to unleash your creativity. With Organic Color Systems, colorists no longer are confined to “paint by numbers”. Aren’t you ready to let your imagination go wild?

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Why Organic Color Systems is different.

Do a search for your current professional hair color line in Google and you’re sure to find hundreds of discount stores that carry their shampoos, conditioners, and treatments for sale including Wal Mart, Target, Amazon, and even your local drugstore. For decades these lines have been charging colorists a hefty premium for the privilege of promoting their hair color brand to the colorist’s clients, building up the brand’s reputation and client loyalty. Then, these companies just undercut the colorists, the very people that built up the brand in the first place, and sell directly to the colorists clients for cheaper. By taking advantage of the good reputations and hard work of professional colorists, as well as the rapport they have developed with their clients, these hair color companies have done a great job at diverting post-color revenue away from you and into their hands. This is an outrageous breach of trust and integrity.

Pursue Uncompromised Integrity;

Organic Color Systems is developed by Salon Professionals, for Salon Professionals. It is 100% non-diverted and its products (including shampoos, conditioners, and treatments) cannot be found in any non-salon establishment anywhere. Our company ethos and focus is on respect and integrity. Respecting the integrity of our relationship we have with our colorists. Respecting the hair’s health and structural integrity. Respecting the integrity for our shared responsibility for our environment.

Our Mission is to Nurture the Beauty, Dignity, Respect, Health, and Well-Being of All

Are you ready for a completely non-diverted professional brand? Are you prepared to realize the real earning opportunity of your art?