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Through your day-to-day business as a hairdresser, clients will often come to you with requests for certain hairstyles or colors in mind. Often these combinations are complimentary to one another and work well for your client. However, on occasion, clients will wish to emulate a style or color they saw in a magazine. It is your job as a hairdresser to determine if this style works with this color.

A client may request a color she saw on a model with long hair in a magazine.  The trouble is the client has short hair. While the color will not be an issue, the client is unconsciously looking for the whole package. Even if you were to match the color to the exact specifications, it will not please your client because she has very different hair from the model.

It is your job as a stylist to counsel your client prior to the color procedure so she knows that while the color will match, the look will differ drastically from the model’s look.

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