Nicole Kidman Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Formula

Nicole Kidman Strawberry Blonde

Nicole Kidman Strawberry Blonde

What is commonly referred to as “Strawberry” Blonde by most people is thought to be a hard color to create, when in fact, it’s not really that difficult at all. A good example of this fresh beautiful hue is Nicole Kidman’s strawberry blonde hair color. The reality is, beautiful natural Strawberry Blonde does not look like an actual strawberry. A strawberry is deep red! Nicole Kidman’s hair color, along with others who have that stunning natural “Strawberry” Blonde color, is really a Golden Blonde with a Secondary Copper tone. It is easy to create this color with the following formula (Or version thereof):

Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Formula


Do you need to pre-lighten?

The level of this color naturally is 7 1/2 to 8, so it is important to have this as your target result. If you need to pre-lighten the hair first, because the hair is dark, then of course, do so. You will need to pair the relevant strength activator Get the hair to the right level and then tone it with the above formula or a suitable version for client.

Which tones do you desire more of?

As with any color situation, your judgment of what you have in front of you and what you see, should always be taken into consideration on formula adjustments. For example – if you lightened a client’s hair and after you rinsed it off you had more of a coppery golden blonde, then you would adjust the formula to be more golden and less copper, and so on.

We hope this helps you achieve beyond beautiful results as you re-create our Strawberry Blonde Hair Color Formula for you clients!