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Hcolor: organic hair color brand for professionals

Guide To Oway: An Organic Hair Color Brand

Looking for the best organic hair color can be a costly and time-consuming task for even the most seasoned hair stylist or salon owner. At Simply Organic Beauty, our highly trained team of hair stylists and salon business experts have been educating the industry on more natural color lines for over a decade.

In this guide, we give an in-depth review and analysis of Organic Way (Oway)’s permanent, ammonia hair color line, Hcolor.

Organic Way Hair Color Benefits

First, let’s list the immediate benefits of choosing the Organic Way color line:

  • No Harsh Fumes
  • No Costly Extra Steps
  • 100% Non-Diverted Color Line
  • Healthier Hair Results
  • Better Salon Experience
  • Reduced Risk for Allergies
  • Healthier Salon Atmosphere
  • Certified Cruelty-Free & Vegan
  • Sustainable Packaging & Manufacturing Methods

Throughout this review of Oway’s organic hair color brand, we’ll be expanding upon the above benefits, and why it’s so rare to find a professional color line that meets all of these standards. But first, let’s answer the common questions about organic hair color.

Will Organic Way Hair Color Cover Stubborn Grey Hair?

The answer is yes!

Oway’s organic hair color can give 100% grey coverage, and more importantly, it doesn’t fade off tone! With over 75% of women opting to color their hair, superior grey coverage is an absolute must!

Check out Oway’s Hcolor Grey Coverage Results below!


Oway’s organic hair color covers grey hair 100%!

How many colors are in Organic Way’s line?


Organic Way Hair Color Swatch Book

Oway’s Hcolor line has 89 intermixable shades and they are stunning!

Due to the high quality Italian micropigments present in Hcolor, every shade is vibrant and true-to-tone. In our opinion, this makes Organic Way hair color one of the easiest color lines we’ve ever worked with!

From creating vibrant, lasting red hair colors to fun, fashion tones, almost any hair color can be created with the Organic Way. There are also 6 Tone Boosters than can be used to enhance or cancel any tones.

This gives creativity and control back to the hair stylist!

View Organic Way’s Hcolor Color Chart

Is Organic Way Hair Color Cruelty Free?

Yes! Oway’s organic hair color line is certified cruelty-free by People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).

In fact, Oway’s Hcolor is actually vegan. This means zero ingredients are tested on or derived from animals.

Organic Way Hair Color Ingredients

At this time, no oxidative hair color can be all organic. Organic, meaning a pure plant ingredient untreated by chemicals. However, Oway uses the maximum amount of organic botanicals and the least amount of synthetic chemicals possible.

In fact, Organic Way uses biodynamic botanicals grown on their family farms in Italy – which are a step above organic!

  • Biodynamic Hibiscus is commonly used in Aruyvedic medicine for its powerful antioxidants, vitamins and flavonoids. It prevents premature grey hair, thickens hair and discourages split end formation.
  • Organic Cotton Protein is rich in Vitamin E and binds the cuticle and cortex together, strengthening and protecting the hair during the color process.
  • Organic Perilla Oil is a pure essential oil that soothes the scalp with more nourishing omega-3 fatty acids than flax, hemp or fish oil.
  • Fair Trade Date Oil helps hair retain its proper moisture levels during and after the organic hair color process, and is rich in oleic acid.
  • Jojoba Oil is rich in nutrients that promote hair growth, deeply hydrates the hair and increases shine and elasticity.
  • Illipe Plant Butters make up the base of Organic Way hair color, creating a smooth, creamy consistency that makes it ultra nourishing and easy to apply.

Biodynamic VS Organic Hair Color Ingredients


Organic Way Hair Color Biodynamic Farms (Bologna, Italy)

Not only does Organic Way hair color use certified organic ingredients, they also use biodynamic botanicals. Biodynamic botanicals are superior to conventional organic plants due to the way they are grown.

Biodynamic is a more ethical, eco-friendly approach to farming that yields stronger, more pure plants that are teeming with their active benefits.

Organic Way’s Hair Color System


Oway’s Complete Organic Hair Color System – Hsystem!

Not only did we find Oway’s organic hair color results to be stunning, we were also impressed by their extensive back bar tools. Hsystem is Organic Way’s professional care products used before, during and after color services.

From Hrestore to Hypercolor – their color accelerator drops that cover grey hair in 20 minutes – the entire Hsystem line will take any hair colorist from good to great.

Explore Hsystem!

Where to buy Oway organic hair color?

You now know the main benefits and details of Oway’s organic hair color brand. The next aspect for your salon or hair stylist to consider is pricing! As the exclusive distributor of Organic Way Hair Color in the United States, we’d be happy to share our Oway Pricing & Packages Guide.

To receive an Organic Way Package and Price list, fill out this form below!


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