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Organic Skincare For Salons

Luma Lisse is an organic skincare line artfully created for retailing in professional salons.

Expertly formulated to maximize the amount of potent natural ingredients, while minimizing the need for harsh chemicals, Luma Lisse is comprised of  cleansers, toners, masks and treatments which offer solutions for all skin types and conditions.

Natural Skincare Solutions

From sensitive to maturing skin, there’s a product to help alleviate nearly all common dermal concerns. Our anti-aging products contain naturally effective ingredients, such as plant-based phyto-peptides, Vitamin C, and rose extract. Even Luma Lisse’s acne-fighting products boasts organic skin care components, such as lemongrass, cucumber and peppermint.

Your clients will love how radiant and smooth it makes their skin look and feel!

Learn More About Bringing Luma Lisse Skincare Products To Your Salon!

Cleansers & Toners

Cucumber Clarifying Rinse

This combination of deep clarifiers and soothing cucumber extracts will help balance overactive sebaceous glands. For Combo, Oily and Acne skin types.

Light Botanical Cleanser

Gentle cleansing milk designed to remove impurities and make-up. The botanical extracts purify and protect the skin to maintain optimal moisture. For Dry, Mature, Normal, and Mildly Sensitive skin types.

Delicate Balancing Toner

This gentle toning mist is formulated with revitalizing and calming botanicals that will hydrate and soothe your skin. It can relieve irritation and promote firmness. For all skin types, and especially suited for sensitive skin.

Deep Sea Enzyme Peel

This mild enzyme gel provides soft exfoliation that utilizes soothing, marine-based extracts to help to purify the skin’s surface, and prepare it for other care products. Use once or twice weekly.


Chamomile Calming Masque

This hydrating gel masque is formulated with botanical humectants to help sooth irritation, reduce tightness, and can calm ultra-sensitive skin. For All Skin types.

Ocean Algae Masque

This deep hydrating masque is formulated with mineral clay, plant extracts, and ocean elements to purify your skin and lift away impurities for an ultimate healthy tone. For all skin types.

Lustrous Micro Polish

This innovative multi-crystal exfoliating complex is designed to polish away dead cells, and dried skin while promoting cellular regrowth and a radiant tone. Use once or twice weekly.

Brilliance Eye Saver

This crème is specially formulated with anti-aging phyto extracts and multivitamins. These natural complexes help boost collagen to restore firmness. While moisturizing bio-extracts brilliantly brighten dark circles and relieve swelling.


Balancing Moisture Creme

This lightweight crème is designed to gently hydrate, and minimize excess oil to prevent future skin imbalances. For Sensitive, Normal and Combo Skin types.

Regulate Moisturizer for Oily Skin

This gentle emulsion moisturizer helps to regulate and balance the production of sebaceous oils. For Combo and Oily Skin types.

Regenerate Everyday Moisturizer

Sustaining crème designed to rejuvenate your skin’s health and luminosity. For Dry, Mature, Normal and Mildly Sensitive skin types.

Ceramide Night Crème

This ceramide crème has restorative antioxidants to provide better cellular turnover and improved firmness. For Sensitive, Normal and Combo Skin types.

Specialty Treatments

High Definition Acne Treatment

This medicated spot acne treatment absorbs excess oils, kills bacteria, calms irritation, and clears up blemishes for high def skin. Can be used in the morning under make-up, and in the evening before bed.

Luma-C Anti-Aging Serum

This high-tech serum utilizes its key ingredient, vitamin C, with an innovative delivery system that only allows it to become active when in contact with the skin. Luma-C will help skin look more firm and toned, with a youthful luminous glow.