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Q: Where can I purchase Moroccan Organics™ products?
A: Moroccan Organics™ is sold exclusively through salon professionals via Simply Organic Beauty. We are happy to direct you to a salon near you that carries Moroccan Organics™ if you call us at (888) 213-4744.

Q: Are Moroccan Organics products tested on animals?
A: Our products are certified by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) as being cruelty free. None of our products or raw ingredients are tested on animals. We feel strongly about this and are proud to provide a seal that reflects our commitment on all products.

Q: Does Moroccan Organics™ help speed my morning styling process?
A: Yes! Moroccan Organics™ has been proven to cut blow-drying time by 70%.

Q: How can Moroccan Organics™ help increase the productivity of salon professionals?
A: Moroccan Organics™ has been proven to cut blow-drying time by 70%. This substantially decreases styling time and allows salon professionals to focus more of their time on creating beauty rather than swinging the blow dryer.

Q: I have color treated hair and am interested in extending the longevity of my color treatment. Can Moroccan Organics™ help?
A: Yes, the entire range of Moroccan Organics™ products are specifically formulated to preserve, protect, and extend professional salon color treatments. The Moroccan Organics™ Shampoo and Conditioner are sulfate-free, the Hydrating Hair Mask provides a powerful treatment that seals in moisture while stoping the oxidative process, and the and the Argan Oil Treatment creates a powerful color lock seal around the cuticle.

Q: I have frizzy hair. Can Moroccan Organics™ help me?
A: Moroccan Organics™ is designed to de-frizz hair and provide it with easily manageable luster and shine. Receiving an in-salon treatment followed by home care is an ideal way to tame even the most unmanageable frizzy hair problem no matter what the environment!

Q: Is Moroccan Organics good for African-American hair?
A: Our Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner are best to revive, nourish and manage African American Hair. Follow up with the Intense Curl Cream and Moroccan Organics™ treatment to add moisture and decrease frizz.

Q: Which Moroccan Organics oil should I use for my hair?
For fine hair, use Moroccan Organics Rose oil. It’s lightweight, non-greasy formula is perfect for adding shine to fine hair.

For medium hair, use Moroccan Organics Macadama Oil or the original fan-favorite, Argan Oil. Both are ideal for replenishing moisture levels in the hair and adding protection with a glossy finish.

For thick, coarse hair, use Moroccan Organics Coconut Oil to deeply condition kinky curls and add amazing shine.

Q: Where does Moroccan Organics™ Argan Oil come from?
A: Moroccan Organics™ contains two types of Agran oil. The first is derived from cellulose from the Argan tree root, which is only found in South Morocco, through a proprietary process called PhytoCellTec, a new eco-extraction technology. Moroccan Organics™ is the first and only agran oil product that utilizes this rich and potent cellulose extract which is proven to be 7x – 10x more effective than argan kernel oil alone. The second is “cold press” extracted from the kernels inside the nut of the fruit from the Argan tree.

Q: What is Argan oil used for?
A: Argan Oil is highly sought after world-wide as a superior hair conditioner and skin lotion. Moroccan Organics™ leverages the healing, nourishing, and conditioning properties of the Argan tree to create this incredible line of amazing professional hair care products that utilizes not only certified organic Argan oil, but also an array of nourishing certified organic and natural ingredients.

Q: Why is Moroccan Organics™ so good?
A: Moroccan Organics™ is the first and only hair care product to use argan root cellulose extract, proven to be 7x – 10x more effective than Argan kernel oil alone. Moroccan Organics™ is rich in vitamins E, C, F and A. It is also rich in Omega 9, Essential Fatty Acids, Squalene and Antioxidants.

Q: Should I use Moroccan Organics™ before or after drying my hair?
A: Definitely both! Moroccan Organics™is a dry oil that actually decreases drying time by 70%. You can also use it after drying for a smooth, silky, flowing result to you style.

Q: Can Moroccan Organics™ repair my damaged hair?
A: Absolutely. Moroccan Organics™ is a natural, organic product which will protect, restore and enrich your hair.

Q: Can Moroccan Organics™ help my itchy scalp?
A: Yes. Moroccan Organics™ helps to condition your scalp and hair follicles. It can be left on overnight.

Q: Can I Use Moroccan Organics™ after Keratin Straightening?
A: Yes. Moroccan Organics™ products are Sodium Chloride free (salt free). Meaning, it’s perfect safe for use after a keratin straightening treatment.

Q: Do Moroccan Organics™ products contain parabens?
A: No, all Moroccan Organics™ products are free of parabens.

Q: Do Moroccan Organics™ products contain sulfates?
A: No, all Moroccan Organics™ products are free of sulfates.

Q: Do Moroccan Organics™ products contain phthalates?
A: No, all Moroccan Organics™ products are free of phthalates.

Q: Do Moroccan Organics™ products contain triclosan?
A: No, all Moroccan Organics™ products are free of triclosan.

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