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O&M has always been Ammonia free, but we weren’t going to stop there.
Our revolutionary Mineral CCT™ Permanent Color now delivers vibrant and long lasting results after we’ve also removed PPD and Resorcinol.

This major breakthrough means that the ever growing line of clients who find themselves allergic to PPD finally have a formula that works for them too. What gives Mineral CCT™ its edge is its unique blend of active ingredients. Micro color pigment molecules are combined with a blend of micronized mineral and natural ingredients to deliver professional, healthy results.

Original and Mineral Hair Color


Three minerals that deliver extra performance to all O&M Mineral CCT™ Permanent Colors.

ILLITE – Deeply penetrates allowing the micro pigment molecules to permeate and saturate the hair with color.

KAOLIN – Works as a strong protector, it guards against color fade and ensures the color stays locked in for longer.

MONTMORILLONITE – Boosts the health on the skin on the scalp and the hair, making sure it stays in the best condition while it’s colored.

Complimenting this powerful mineral mix is a blend of natural ingredients that nourish the hair and skin. Sunflower Seed Wax infuses moisture and shine, while Sweet Almond Oil gently moisturizes and protects the hair and hands.


  • Free of PPD, Resorcinol & Ammonia
  • Formulated for and exclusive to salon professionals
  • Achieves up to 5 levels of lightening
  • 100% Grey coverage
  • Pleasant smelling

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