Hbleach Butter Lightener

Ammonia Free Lightener

Hbleach is Organic Way’s professional, ammonia-free cream lightener with organic essential oils and kukui butter that comfortably lift hair 1-6 levels.

Nourishing and non-aggressive, Hbleach’s butter cream formula moisturizes and protects the hair and scalp for clean color results without any discomfort.

Hbleach can be used with any Organic Way Hcatalyst Developers to achieve up to 6 levels of lift.

Hbleach Benefits

  • Lifts up to 6 Levels
  • Great for On-Scalp Lightening Services
  • Beautiful Consistency for Precise Application
  • Helps Improve Hair’s Integrity with Kukui Butter
  • Perfect for Hand-Painting and Balayage Techniques
*Note: You must be a licensed Hair Stylist
to purchase this product.

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  • I would love to know the ingredients in this phytobutter . I want to get my hairstylist interested in these.....can you send her samples and more information?

    • Hi Liz! We'd be happy to send over more information to your Hair Stylist. If you can, have her give us a call at 1-888-213-4744 or e-mail us at salonadviser[at]simlpyorganicbeauty.com.

  • I am very allergic to hair dye (face swelling and everything). Would this be an alternative?

    • Best case would be to have a patch test to see how your body reacts, the entire hcolor line does not contain the same harsh ingredients as most lines, the hbleach is however a cream lightener, lighteners do not contain the same ingredients as colour so most people who are allergic to colour are not to lightener

    • I am allergic to permanent hair color, but not hair bleach. So I can bleach my hair, but I cannot color it. This product is hair bleach, so it would not give you the same bad reaction as with permanent hair color.

  • No, this is a scalp hair product, and it's never sold to non proffesionals. These kinds of products, can be lethal is abused in such ways

  • Would this HBLEACH strip old color? I have decided to go gray and have old Oway color, plus my own black and about two inches of gray!! I look like a patchwork quilt! HELP!! (this is an old picture)