Professional Organic Hair Color

Hcolor is the world’s first professional organic hair color formulated with the highest concentration of organic, biodynamic and fair trade ingredients.

Our green chemists have created a beautiful balance between performance and nature with nourishing, gentle formulations that even the most sensitive clients will love. Loved by Hair Stylists and clients alike, Oway’s Hcolor has been voted Best Hair Color 2016 in the Green Beauty Awards and Best Ammonia Free Hair Color in 2015 and 2016.

Oway Hcolor Benefits

  • 95 Vibrant Shades (View Hcolor Shade Chart)
  • 100% Ammonia Free
  • Perfect Grey Coverage
  • Glossy, Long Lasting Color
  • Delicate pH Respects Hair Fiber
  • Improves Hair Texture Over Time
  • Formulated with Calming Essential Oils

Phytobutter Developers

Hcatalyst is the world’s first phytobutter-based activator fortified with rich, creamy illipe seed butters, organic perilla oil and biodynamic hibiscus extract.

These nourishing ingredients provide extra protection for the hair and scalp, resulting in shiny, healthy color without irritation.

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  • I have just been diagnosed with an allergy to two preservatives that are typically contained in Hair color. Can you send me a list of ingredients so that I may check them out? I typically die my hair a shade of dark brown. Sometimes my grey can be difficult to color. My current hair color brand is Goldwell and it often makes my eyelids swollen and a slight rash on my neck. Whatever you can offer would be grateful. My allergies are to Dimethylaminopropylamine and Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate and all other AKA names.....

    Thank you.

    • Hi Sue!

      We're sorry to hear about your allergies to hair color. Looks lie none of our current hair color products contain those specific preservatives. However, we can absolutely send you a full ingredient list for you to double-check and perhaps even take to your allergy doctor. Please let us know where you'd like it sent!

  • I am suchitra , we are living in friendswood Tx 77546 . Do you have any salon near by. Can i buy online products

  • I normally use Redken Chromatics 4NN and 1NN...What would that be in the Oway Hcolor?
    I have psoriasis, so I think this would be a great option for me to switch too.

    • Hi Sherry! Sorry to hear about your psoriasis. Many Hair Stylists and clients alike switch to our Oway Hcolor line due to allergies to conventional hair color. In Hcolor, you would use 4.0 and 1.0. Our only suggestion is if the grey is super resistant or over 75%, drop your Natural (.0 Series down a level). So, if your target is a 4 on super resistant grey, go for the 3.0.

      Additionally, you'll love how easy Hcolor is to apply and the non-oily feel when you're rinsing. Have you spoken to our team about switching to Oway, yet? We have some awesome discounts and incentives in place to get you started! :)

  • Looking for a salon in Dallas that uses some kind of natural hair color. Any ones you know of that use your color products? thanks!

  • Hello, I am in serious need of finding one of your clients' salons in the Woodlands/ Montgomery (or worst case Houston, TX) area. The one salon I know of in the Cypress area is closed due to unforseen circumstances (possibly hurricane)? We had a consult but no service. I have been dying my hair for years too dark and now I have terrible roots trying to grow out to my natural color (lighter). I would like to find someone to use the Oway/ Hcolor lightener method and then to safely color my hair a glossier version of my mousey 6-7. Please help! Zip code is 77316

    I am very opposed to the harmful ingredients in most products and sensitive to bleach.

  • Hi, I have many many allergies and sensitivities, I have virgin hair but I am looking do put in some red ( I have black hair) I tested regular dyes and I reacted. I'm trying to find a good organic without gluten, corn, wheat dairy etc . Can you send me a list of ingredients you guys use?? Thank you!!

    • Hi Liz! Check out Amherst Hair Stylists @ 15 Pray St Artressa Salon Amherst, MA 01002 - be sure to ask for Caren or Hair Stylist who offers Oway Hcolor. Enjoy!

  • I see a lot of people asking for your ingredient list and you seem to be emailing it to them. Why don't you just include the ingredient list on your website? Or maybe it is on your website and I don't see it?

    Please send me your ingredient list to: melissamyers1210@gmail.com


  • Is Oway Hcolor vegan? I know that all Oway products aren't vegan, but just wondering specifically about the hair color. Thank you!